Happy Monday




Okay, so if you’re a big fan of World Cup soccer here’s a little Google doodle sendoff. If, on the other hand, you hate soccer and are sick of the World Cup – good news! (I keep seeing the same 3 second loop – click on the image to view full size, if necessary, in order to see the whole thing.) 

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Happy Monday

Mondays are like

pink pantherLast week there was more stuff in the Happy Monday folder than I could use, even after I posted the Bible Reader’s Special Edition later that same day. And of course it’s been added to all week. Here’s a big healthy dose of Happy Monday quotes, pics, scriptures and funnies, and I don’t know what to do with all that’s left. Continue reading

Happy Monday


Welcome to Happy Monday, where we start the week off with a few quotes, a bit of inspiration, a Bible verse or two and plenty of smiles. There’s often a Coffee with Jesus comic strip, and for some reason or another coffee is a recurring them in general. Puppies are always an option. It seems like there used to be kittens, but every since Van Til has been editing… Continue reading