Happy Monday

Happy Monday 2X

Every week the Happy Monday folder on my laptop gets things periodically dropped into it, and every weekend we pick out the 10 images, scriptures, quotations, comics and cute animals most likely to get your Monday and therefore your week off to a good start. There is simply too much to choose from! So if McDonald’s can Super Size your order, the movie plex can show a double feature and Payless can offer BOGO, why can’t we give you twice the Happy for lllthe same price? (Which of course is free!!!) Somebody tell Phil Robertson it’s Happy Happy Monday! 


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Happy Monday

rejoice and be gladThat verse has been used on more than one Monday morning but the imagery if different each time. We’re in full on autumn mode in these parts, despite the temps being unseasonably warm. The leaves are going right ahead like clockwork. Speaking of moving ahead, good to see you’re up. Let’s Happy Monday! Continue reading