Happy Monday

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If Stephen Hawking could look on the bright side, any one of us should be able to do at least as much. Even on a Monday morning. Welcome to Happy Monday.



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Screenshot 2018-03-16 at 9.47.19 AMFYI: Coffee with Jesus comic strips are published three times a week so you will miss most of them if never visit Radio Free Babylon or follow on Facebook or Twitter.

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Another resource that I need to use more often is the Babylon Bee. Read the full story behind the headline above, browse the collection, and again consider following via social media.

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Screenshot 2018-03-09 at 9.01.54 PMThat’s about it for this week, but just a quick note from last week.

There was no further discussion about this image. Did everybody get it or just move on? Let us know in the comments.

Have a Happy Monday! 




The Godly Complexion Movement

10 years ago I had a lot of help starting a blog. I worked with Michael Spencer, the original Internet Monk, in real life. I had all the WordPress experience and pro tips a newbie could ask for. So think of this post as paying it forward.

Chameca Helm was a student at OBI back when I taught geography and World History. Now she makes testimony videos and is building an online community to reach people with the Gospel. She asked me to help make her latest video “go viral” and I told her I would see what I could do. The Godly Complexion Movement by Chameca Helm is an online community that utilizes Facebook and YouTube to be uplifting and encouraging with the goal of pointing people to Jesus. Continue reading

The Most Popular Happy Monday Ever

There are certain things we expect to happen with online posts. They’re not exactly rules but there are certain norms that tend to be true, all other things being equal. Blogging consistently over time will build an audience. Using post tags and filling out the description forms using key words is good for SEO. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are useful resources to connect you and your blog to audience members. Inbound and outbound links are good for SEO and connect you to the larger online/ blogging community. These are generally true most of the time.

Every now and then unexpected things happen. Call it a fluke, a glitch in the algorithm, or maybe you believe in luck. For some reason Google picked up on a pic of my wife and I at Cumberland Falls a few years ago and put it near the top of the image search for that term. My blog post that was a year or two old got thousands of hits in a day or two. Then it was over. For reasons I will never understand an LOL aggregator linked to an image of my new push mower. One of the most popular images I ever shared online features a Poulan Pro push mower sitting on my front lawn. Continue reading

Book Review: The Gospel of Self

Screenshot 2018-03-08 at 10.42.51 AMThe Gospel of Self, How Jesus Joined the GOP is written by Terry Heaton and details his role at CBN and The 700 Club. Before we used terms like fake news and every single person had a voice via social media, the Christian Broadcast Network entered a new frontier of sorts by not only reporting the news but by shaping the way people thought. CBN in general, and Pat Robertson’s 700 Club in particular, played a profound role in shifting the Republican Party to the right back in the 1980’s. While Robertson was in front of the camera Terry Heaton was behind the scenes and very much involved in making the things Robertson talked about a reality. Heaton believes today’s Christian Right is the end result of work they did together back then. Continue reading

The Phenomenon of Billy Graham

Screenshot 2018-03-01 at 10.36.05 AMI don’t know how many tributes have been written, published, posted or tweeted this week about Billy Graham. I am not writing because I think there needs to be another one; sometimes the writing process is how we work through things. But in the process of thinking about it, maybe I can share with you some things to think about as well. Continue reading