Happy Monday

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France beat Croatia 4 -2 to win the World Cup. Maybe you’re glad France won, maybe your’re glad it’s over. If you’re thinking “What is the World Cup?” just keep scrolling.

This is Happy Monday #280.

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Did you even notice Friday the 13th last week? I don’t believe in superstitions personally; they’re nothing but bad luck.

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We’re going to end on a different note this week. This final entry isn’t funny at all. We hope that Happy Monday puts a smile on your face but also hope in your heart. Surely everyone on Earth (with access to either tv, radio or internet) knows about the 12 boys and their soccer coach being rescued after spending many days trapped in an underground cave. This person’s perspective reminds us to value the right things.

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Some commenters have argued that you can regrow children. Having more children does not replace children that are lost. It is right and proper to use things and love people.

God bless. And have a
Happy Monday!





Reflections on 30 Years

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J.D. Greear, SBC President

It was somewhat expected by those in the know that J.D. Greear would be elected to serve as SBC President at the annual meeting in Dallas this week. I was still somewhat surprised by the 68% of ballots he received from messengers. While many were pleased with the announcement the reactions ranged from “Thank God” to talk of the downward spiral the SBC has been on for years. While I would make a good 3 1/2 point Calvinist at best I am going out on a limb and saying this choice will not seal our fate. Greear’s election is not the final nor any other nail in the coffin. Continue reading