Happy Monday

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Love languages: it’s all about understanding the same language. On Monday morning that may be grunts and groans but we’re all in this together. This is Happy Monday #141.

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Frog and Toad are friends.

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True story: a friend in real life said his oldest child ask if this product had a lot of cholesterol because it says “Omg.”

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Bass guitar strings don’t really come in pumpkin spice, it’s just a gag. For a dozen or so more pumpkin spice products that are (probably) not real check out The Satur-deja Vu.  For those of you that only pop in on Monday it’s a new weekend feature.

Have a Happy Monday!



Satur-deja Vu


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It hasn’t been but a week or two since Hurricane Dorian skirted the east coast after decimated the Bahamas. Another tropical system has been threatening to produce a named storm all week and Tropical Storm Humberto formed last night near the Bahamas. Tropical force winds extend 90 miles out from the center which will pass within 40 miles of the northeast Bahama islands. The latest projections show it turning away from Florida and out to sea.

floppy bits

The TSA is looking to add more floppy eared dogs at security checkpoints because they are less threatening and more calming to air travel passengers. Pointy eared dogs, such as German Shepherds, are thought to be more intimidating. Approximately 80% of TSA dogs are floppy eared while the other 20% works out of the view of the public, such as sniffing checked baggage.

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That’s. Steve Ritchie, President and CEO of Papa John’s, with Shaquille O’Neal at the New York Stock Exchange. Shaq plays into their rebranding as sales continue to nosedive. He is on the board of directors and has invested in nine stores in the Atlanta area. It’s a lot more involved than a mere endorsement deal, which Shaq has had plenty of in recent years. I can think of Buick, Gold Bond, The General Car Insurance and Epson printers. There is not a product this man cannot peddle. We should see if he’s willing to plug The Master’s Table.

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Julian Castro, former HUD Secretary for Obama, can be seen standing on a man maker during the third Democratic candidate debate. Historically taller candidates do better in elections. It’s probably a latent psychological thing that voters are not consciously aware of but it seems to happen that way. Joe Biden is an even 6’0″ but I was not able to find Castro’s height published anywhere. The last time I checked the Oval Office didn’t have a booster chair behind the desk.

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This post from Wednesday about Tuvia Pollack got 14 likes and more views than Happy Monday! I also reviewed Pierre Hegy’s book Worship as Community Drama.

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Pumpkin Spice SPAM is a real product and will be available soon at Walmart stores and online via SPAM’s website. Pumpkin Spice Communion wafers is just a gag (as of this time). After the jump are several more pumpkin spice varieties of things we hope never actually see the light of day. Maybe the donuts would be okay. If you choose not to go there, enjoy the rest of your weekend, peace and God bless.  Continue reading

Book Review: Worship as Community Drama

Screenshot 2019-09-07 at 9.11.44 AMI understand the significance of high production value. Our desire is to bring the very best before God in his house. A congregation expects, as well they should, for the preacher to be prepared. Sermon prep begins on Monday or Tuesday (and sometimes weeks or even months in advance) not on Saturday evening or before church on Sunday morning. Bible teachers and worship leaders, soloists, music directors, choirs and praise band members are all expected to put in time working together and practicing. And in this day and age you need the crew in sound, projection and lighting to go over the program, discussing transitions and the order of service. There is nothing wrong and in fact there is a lot right about devoting time and energy to prepare for worship. But what has slowly happened over the past 20 or 30 years, from my point of view, is that worship has morphed into a spectator sport. Authentic worship is not something we are to sit and watch. I don’t know who said it first but the term I like to use for that activity is worshiptainment. I do not believe that is what God desires. Continue reading

That Dude I Know

Screenshot 2019-09-11 at 9.08.57 AMPaul Wilkinson blogs at Thinking Out Loud and Christianity 201. We have been blog friends for several years, having met up in the Christian blogosphere but never in real life. Jimmy Humphrey is a new blog friend, the author/podcaster at Jimmy’s Table. Paul lives in Canada, Jimmy just up the map a little ways in North Carolina. Tuvia Pollack is a blog friend from way back that we haven’t mentioned in a while; so I am going to mention him now. Continue reading

Satur-deja Vu


I thought we would begin this week with a picture of Steve Hartman, back when he was the pastor of Windsor Spring Baptist Church in Hephzibah, GA.  Hephzibah was the wife of Hezekiah in 2nd Kings 21. Hephzibah, GA, is a suburb of Augusta near the Georgia-South Carolina state line. Oh yeah, the other people pictured above are Teresa and I who celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary yesterday. ❤ Continue reading

What We Are Called To

For reasons I do not understand an old post saw some new life today. A follower came across “Remember What We Are Called To” in her reader this morning, originally published June 30, 2015. The subject is 1 Peter 3:15 which I just preached on again Sunday morning as part of a series through 1st Peter. The context back in 2015 was the Supreme Court decision striking down state laws banning same-sex marriage. So with a new introduction here is the body of that post. Good shelf life on this one (just remember it’s from the archives when I mention President Obama).


1 Peter 3:15 is the basis for Christian Apologetics. Apologetics may sound like apologizing but an apologist is one that defends the Christian faith. It’s about being prepared to answer questions about why we believe what we believe. One must be well versed in scripture and certain that his own faith has been built on a sure foundation. Apologetics may involve boldness, defending a faith that is not always popular, but care must also be taken not to offend. We will offend people by sharing the Gospel; but we must be sure is the cross that offends and not us. Continue reading