Happy Monday

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The Games of the 31st Olympiad  have come to a close and Team USA finishes with a combined total of 121 medals. Michael Phelps becomes the most decorated Olympian in history, women’s basketball has won gold 6 times in a row and the men’s track and field team had their best showing since 1984. There were plenty of other feats and of course Team USA may not have be your team. Join the discussion in the comment section; keep it positive, this being Happy Monday and all.

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Ministry.com is “coming soon.” That’s all I know but they have put up dozens of these posters on their Facebook page just in the last week.

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He’s real…
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And so is she…


We had a positive response to the puzzle a few weeks back and a request to have more like it in the future. So here’s a mental exercise to help sharpen your senses: there’s a cat hiding in this picture. I’ll wait at least 24 hours before giving a clue.

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If you get stuck ask the Internet for help.

And have a Happy Monday!

News of Note

Two items have caught my attention in the past couple of days:

1. The State of California has rewritten some language in an education bill that threatened to greatly infringe on religious liberty in that state. Had the bill passed unchanged, the only students that could receive any type of religious education would have been those training for a career in ministry. It would have effectively outlawed Christian colleges and universities, reserving religious studies to seminary students only. More here.

2. Target is about to spend $2 million on individual use bathroom stalls in all of their stores. Many stores already have such facilities, in addition to men’s and women’s restrooms, and soon all loctions will. Target denies the changes have anything to do with the boycotts and petitions generated by their bathroom policy announcement. I saw this headline in the Washington Post of all places.

Book Review: Parenting Without Regret

parentingI know what some of you must be thinking by now: Clark Bunch lauds the praises of every book he reviews. Between pastoring, seminary classes, raising a family and so forth I don’t have a lot of “extra time” for reviewing books. The truth of the matter is that I’m very selective. If the title or short description seems New Agey, short on theology or otherwise flaky, I don’t accept that book for review. With very few exceptions, the books I have chosen to review on The Master’s Table are ones that I expected to get something out of and would have enjoyed anyway. I’m not a professional reviewer and don’t waste my time reading books I don’t like. Continue reading

Back to School

We mentioned back to school on Monday but that was about it. Apparently we did a whole back to school themed Happy Monday post last year that I totally forgot about. We listed several “special editions” in the #200 post last week and the timing would have been perfect to include this one.

A significant portion of our society falls into the student/teacher/parent population. Below is a special mid-week repeat of Happy Monday: Back to School Edition, originally posted August 10, 2015.

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The first day of school doesn’t affect everyone equally. Continue reading