First blog

They say you never forget your fist time. Stop that! If you’re going to be that way, you need to sign off the internet, go to your room, and think about what you did.

This is my first post on this WordPress weblog. I have a site on myspace for chatting with friends, sharing pictures, and what have you, but I pretty much leave it wide open to whoever wants to pop in and say whatever. I have deleted comments and pictures that crossed the line, but I want this blog to be different. I’m looking to seriously devote some time and energy to sharing my ideas on apologetics, theology, the Bible and the Gospel message. I preach in the pulpit and teach students and adults on a regular basis, and have been told that I have a unique way of making people think about the scriptures in ways they haven’t before. There is a lot of junk out there, particularly on the internet, and if I can add some truth, share a word of hope, spread the gospel online to places I will never visit in person, then this becomes another opportunity to be a witness. I want to be an instrument of God’s will, a humble vessel than can be used in His service.

My next post will be a “brief” statement of my faith, designed to give focus and direction to everything that will follow on this website. I have already written a rough draft on paper, and will endeavor to get that up shortly. I look forward to sharing this site first with my friends, and hope that you pass it along to each of yours. I love it when people agree with me, but also look forward to a lively debate at times as well. I KNOW there will be some who disagree with some of the things I plan to say; and if not, there’s not enough people reading my blog yet. I ask for God’s blessing, His leadership, and direction.

Here’s to the future. Long live the blog.

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