A God “gene”

Here’s what I believe: that God put in each one of us a tendency to look for God.  We want to understand things.  It’s pretty obvious that human nature is to worship; if not God, then sports figures, political icons, the moon and stars, perhaps Oprah, whatever.  God designed us with a space that must be filled, and only He really fits.  But the world keeps looking for something to fill the space, sometimes anything but God is what we want.  Humans are built by God to worship, but also naturally rebellious.   

Okay, let’s shake things up a bit.  I’m going to link a blog post from a professed atheist about whether or not “religious impulses” are encoded in our DNA, and if that gives some a Darwinian advantage. 


I came across this by chance (or design?), but I wasn’t sitting around trying to read some really good atheism, if that’s what you’re thinking.  Read the article, let’s discuss.  Note: if you would be offended by a sacreligious portrayal of the Last Supper (there’s a nude woman in the place of Jesus), then don’t go.  If you think your faith might be damaged by reading one atheist argument, then 1) don’t read it, and 2) your faith needs help.  If the only reason you clicked on the link was because I mentioned the nude woman, you have a whole different kind of problem.  I was just thinking it would be a fun discussion to have, or you could even reply to the Spanish Inquisitor.  I did, but of course he may or may not publish my response.  What do you think? 

13 thoughts on “A God “gene”

  1. Atheists are a subset of naturalists (that is those who believe all that exist is nature). I wonder if it ever dawns on these people that if all that exists is the natural world and worship of the Divine exists then worship of the Divine must be natural. In fact, by definition there would not be anything that is unnatural. If the natural world is ALL that exists, then anything being unnatural is a logical impossibility. These people pride themselves on being rational Enlightenment thinkers, but I don’t think they have ever seriously wrestled with this reality.

  2. Good read.

    You may know also about the neural reaction in the brain that has been linked to ‘religious experiences’. On the one hand, the atheist will claim that as proof that God is all in the mind. On the other hand, the theist will marvel at how God designed us with the hardward to experience Him!

  3. I was right about the Spanish Inquisitor. He did not leave my comment up, leaving no chance for a healthy debate. All the comments on his site agree with the point he was making. I’ve replied again, if nothing else so he can read it, but I’ll leave him alone now. Only listening to people that agree with everything you say, I guess that’s one way to win an argument. And I’ve been sending traffic to site, can you believe it?

    Let me ammend: after commenting the second time, my comment was moderated and added to the comment thread. My apologies to the Spanish Inquisitor.

  4. I guess I have to ask, why is everyone trying to disprove the existence of god when it hasn’t and can never been proven? The idea of disproving something that cannot be proven is ridiculous. If anything religion needs to prove that there is a god before science tries to disprove it.

  5. “If anything religion needs to prove that there is a god before science tries to disprove it.”

    “…the existence of god when it hasn’t and can never be proven.”

    I see something wrong with this. You ask religious figures or religion in general to prove something that you have said can never be proven.

    Can you clarify this? 😉

  6. Of course I can clarify, what kind of person would I be if I was unable to back my statements up with facts? I am merely asking for definitive evidence to believe in god. Just because I believe it is impossible to prove his existence doesn’t mean that it is, which is exactly why I posed the question. If people had any intelligence whatsoever they would be asking the same questions; but they don’t. They are more than willing to place their faith into something unreasonable simply because they are afraid of an “afterlife” that has been created for them. If you are good and follow your religious doctrine you will go to heaven but if you are bad hell awaits you for all eternity. Without the ability to intellectualize, I too would abide by the religious doctrine in which I was first introduced, for fear of disheartening the deity I worshiped.

  7. The point is, there is no evidence as you would want to show that God exists. It may sound like I’m avoiding the question, but I will once again use this analogy, and then share with you something that I really want you to grasp.

    The wind. We cannot see it, but we can feel the effects of its presence. We know it’s there when the trees bend, and leaves blow around, etc. But we only see and feel it’s effects. I still believe the same is true with the idea of God. We cannot see God. We cannot literally touch him. But I think there are evidences for his presence. We believe that wind exists but not God. I know they are totally different things but the relationship is still the same.

    That being said, I could be a good person and follow religious doctrine and still end up in Hell. I think you were given the wrong taste of religion and it really bugs me to be honest. Religious doctrine does not save you or grant you entrance into heaven. That’s so wonderful because you and I know that we both make mistakes, and if God does exist how can we be with him if we are imperfect?

    This is the most joyous part of the Christian faith, that I wish you had a chance to hear when you were younger. Your ‘fear of disheartening the deity” came out of a environment of religious legalism or fundamentalism. Which in many cases is wrong. It is not what Christ envisioned. Christ fulfilled the Law, the legalistic atmosphere that we dwell in.

    There is nothing we can do to earn entrance into the afterlife. The Bible talks about how our righteousness is like filthy rags before God. We cannot be perfect like God.

    I may be rambling, but what I’m trying to tell you is that you were given the wrong view of the Christian faith. It is not about being good, or following doctrine like a robot. All of that was eradicated with Christ’s death on the cross.

    I’ve been wanting to share this with you, and it probably wasn’t the answer you were hoping for. But I wanted to share with you the TRUTH about Christianity and what it really means.

  8. I would assume it is millions of oxygen atoms moving at a high speed for some reason.

  9. By that definition wind could also be heat, because isn’t heat millions of atoms, possibly oxygen, moving at high speed?

  10. Whatever the wind is, do us all a favor and don’t spit into it.

    A lot of the problems in the world are caused by religion. I have no problem admitting that. Jesus himself had a lot of warnings for the religious leaders of his day, and spent a bit of time yelling at them, flipping things over, chasing people out of the temple, and such like. Religion is worthless; unless you know Jesus. I have an older post “The problem with religion” that says simply that being religious (keeping the rules, fearing disheartening the deity) is easier than following Jesus. My most recent post, “Jesus’ Example, sharing the gospel” reminds us that telling the good news of God was the most pressing matter in the ministry of Jesus Christ. You hate religion? Fine. Religious people piss you off? Most of them do me too. Forget religion, the organized church, the shortcomings of religious leaders and false doctrine. Open the Bible to the book of Matthew and find Jesus. Read his sermon on the mount. Read his instructions on how to pray. Watch as he forgives, heals, touches, cries over, and shares the gospel with the scum of the earth that the Pharisees think he shouldn’t even be talking too. If you want to know what God is like, quit reading my blog and listen to Jesus.

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