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I didn’t start blogging because there were no good blogs out there. Quite the opposite; reading some very good blogs is what inspired me to write also. Here are some of the blogs I have found. Some of these are listed in my blogroll, some are not. Perhaps more should be. If you find your blog listed below and don’t wish to be, let me know.

UPDATE: All the blogs listed below are now in my blogroll, regardless of what each one says.

Two Channel Station: I met Ricky online by way of his blog. He recently added Adam as his blogging partner. I’ve never seen or spoken to either of these guys, but they write thought provoking material on religion, philosophy and politics. I highly recommend them – after you read my blog each day, of course:-)

Third Watch: This is a group blog also. Sometimes they have cute pictures of their kids. If you’re an old grouch about that sort of thing, stay away. But they also have very insightful commentary on the Christianity in America.

Redhead Rev: not on my blogroll yet, Red Head Rev is a female minister in the Assemblies of Christ. Her husband Chris appears with her on a video she has up right now from Palm Sunday. You’re welcome to feel however you wish about women in ministry. But before you comment, just remember this post is “Blogs I Read” not “Blogs for you to agree or disagree with.”

Pilgrim’s Journey: is on my blogroll. Brian and I met in college. He went on to get his M.Div. at Midwestern in Kansas City. Don’t ask his opinion unless you really want him to answer honestly. Atheists – stay away from this guy. He’s not nice like me.

Life in Mordor: also on my blogroll. Mike Frizzell has been blogging quite a while. His archives are extensive, and he’s pretty well read. You and I could both learn a lot from him.

Noel Heikkinen: on my blogroll. I once watched this guy throw a coconut threw a full length mirror. He then explained we’re broken by sin, and cannot be put back together. His blog is a lot of things, religion being one of them. Most of it’s hilarious. I’ll be hilarious someday; I’m working through the serious stuff first.

A Small Faith: not on my blogroll, but I should probably add it. A Small Faith is another group blog, with some good theology. By listing their blog here, it will prevent me from just copying and pasting their stuff in my own blog to make me look smarter than I really am.

Internet Monk: many of you are already familiar with Michael Spencer. I’ve seen internet monk listed on some of your blogrolls. Reading his stuff is what prompted me to go to wordpress and start my own. If you want to mess with him, send me an email and I’ll tell you how. If you want to know what post-evangelical is, ask me instead. You don’t want to get him started.

Garment of Praise: Sometimes poetry, sometimes photos, sometimes really personal insight, Garment of Praise is almost like a daily devotional in convenient blog format. I would have done my taxes by now if the IRS was in “convenient blog format.”

There you go. Some of these are listed on my blogroll, I subscribe to them all. When I’m not writing, I’m reading one of these. Is there a blog you read (or write) that I should know about? Let me know, and it might make my next list.

8 thoughts on “Blogs I read

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  2. Clark, thanks for the link!

    Just a small correction. I am a part of a group blog on a political site that I won’t name. However, ThirdWatch is just me by my lonesome, pondering self.

    Thanks, again!

  3. Thank you for the part about Two Channel Station! Both of us appreciate the compliment. And I think it should be that they read our blog first, then yours…

    Haha. Just kidding.

    -TCS (Ricky)

  4. Thanks for the compliment and shout out. With praise that hight we’re bound to disappoint on a fairly regular basis. Perhaps we should redefine ourselves as the blogosphere’s negative example? 🙂

  5. Hey, thanks for the link, friend 🙂 It made me smile. I hope that all is well with you!

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