Very busy

This is a very busy week!!!  I’ve driven a bus for our baseball team twice this week, did Wednesday night with church youth, and I’m taking a group of kids to Bible drill Friday night.  Yeah, they still have Bible drill where I live.  It’s like I died and went to the 50’s.  A group of our local kids qualified for like a regional thing.  We’re driving 2 hours for this.  ANYWAY, very busy, little time for blogging, let’s hit it.

Today was May 1st.  It was RSS Awardness Day, and I didn’t make up a new post for it last night.  Click here to read up on RSS, then tell a friend.  Most bloggers already know about it, but the vast majority of internet users do not. 

May 1st is also the National Day of Prayer each year.  I knew there would be events all over the country, but haven’t heard of any that made news so far. Often, the only news I get is what my students see in first period each day; and what I read in blogs, yeah, there’s that. 

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