The Master’s Table, my new blog

When I first signed up for a WordPress blog, I tried to create a cool title. I wanted it to represent some facet of the Christian faith, something memorable that people would want to come back to and easily recall. I tried getting and, and many others that were already taken. is an actual website that has never been used. It was set up a year or two ago, and the author never blogged the first post. Oh, that burns me.

So, having spent my creative budget for that day, I typed in clarkbunch.wordpress and gave my blog my name. clarkbunch’s weblog was the default title given to it, and I kept it. As time went by, I changed the theme, selected The Last Supper as my banner, and wrote (after some experimentation) the slogan “God honoring, Christ centered.” I was just sitting here on night looking at that banner as I read an entry thinking “What would it be like to sit at that table with Jesus?” BAM! Like a ton of bricks. In a metaphorical sense, that’s what we all are doing; sitting at his table, listening to his stories, learning from his teaching. My blog has always been about imitating Jesus’ example, sharing the gospel, and being conformed to his image. The Master’s Table came to me in a moment of inspiration, and was available as a new name on It was a Godsend.

I will slowly be transitioning everything that is now Clark Bunch’s Weblog into The Master’s Table. I could do a marathon and make the change overnight, but I’m not in a hurry. It took time to get a regular base of readers (though be it small) to my blog, and I’m comfortable getting the new site up to full speed eventually. The current Clark Bunch’s Weblog will become perhaps my online journal. I could expand the What’s Happening page into a blog of its own. I would like to, actually.

There are also several blog listing sites that I would need to sign into and tweak to inform them and their users of the change. Blog catalog automatically updates each time I post, and Technorati is “trusted” to my ID and password. It has full access to Clark Bunch’s Weblog, and I have no idea how to change it. The whole process will take time, but I see it as a fun challenge.

We will someday sit FOR REAL around the Master’s table, and fellowship one with another face to face. Until then, long live the blog!

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