Over AMP’ed


Watchman 146 brings up a good point.  In response to my remarks on pizza, he says “Thank goodness I never got into the Mountain Dew thing.”  I asked if he knew about Rockstar, Monster, AMP and Full Throttle.  Kids have contests where they see how many in a row a person can slam.  For anyone that doesn’t know (and I can’t imagine who that is), energy drinks are loaded with sugar, caffeine, ginsing, gurana, B vitamins, and who knows what else now.  Drinking one is probably bad for you.  Three in three minutes could give you a heart attack, or at least a bad case of the shakes.  We’re going to start seeing teenagers admitted to the ER with massive heart failure. 

Now, to be fair, I happen to like AMP.  I’m not trying to bring down the industry.  I have had, on occasion, say… one at a time.  But as kids continue to abuse these things, big time, the industry is going to take heat, and sooner or later the FDA will probably ban energy drinks just like they did Ephedrine.  Why is there an FDA in the first place?  Because the American people have to protected from… themselves. 

Now if we’re already eating pizza, I have been known to drink 2 or 3 Mountain Dews and stay up all night playing ping pong.  But that’s another story. 

5 thoughts on “Over AMP’ed

  1. Isaiah 55:8-9 was the verse you were looking for in post at InternetMonk regarding Job.

    Clark: Thanks for that verse, Brian. See me later, I’ll buy you and Amp.

  2. Serious question. Not being snarky :-/

    Can Baptists who say its wrong to have a beer say its OK to drink these drinks? Why is caffeine OK with some versions of God but alcohol is not?

  3. First of all, I am awesome at Ping Pong. Second, I would love to here an answer to the Monk’s question from a few of the hardcore baptist seminary guys I know.

    Anyway, the worst part of energy drinks as far as I can tell is their cost. Those things are expensive. I always thought it was hilarious when one of the youth would come to an overnight with 5 Red Bulls and couldn’t afford to pay for pizza.

  4. Here’s a question for both of you: what about pack a day smokers who preach against alcohol? I’m talking about T-totalers when it comes to alcohol of any type, standing around on the front poarch of the church in a Marlboro cloud. While we could debate the healthful aspects of antioxidents in wine, I don’t think anyone is coming to the defense of cigarettes from a medical standpoint. Baptists may be on the wrong side of this one.

  5. I think a lot of anti-alcohol sentiment from Baptists is there for this reason. Drinking alcohol is what the Catholics, Lutherans, Anglicans and Orthodox do. We’re not Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican or Orthodox therefore we don’t consume alcohol. And of course all good Baptists know that Jesus turned the water into Welch’s Grape Juice for his first miracle.

    On a related note to what Clark said, I heard one preacher say something along these lines a few years ago……….there are many preachers who rail against the sin of drunkenness when they themselves are walking examples of the sin of gluttony.

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