Vacation Bible School – Outrigger Island

Update: prayerwalk your VBS.

Update: ideas for planning/ decorating

Vacation Bible School begins at my church in about a week and a half. This year’s theme is “Outrigger Island,” and is basically a Hawaii surf party setting. My church always uses the material provided by LifeWay, whereas our old church back in GA never used the SBC program. I don’t think they found anything wrong with the curriculum, it’s just that 100 other churches within an hour’s drive all did the same thing. So when my wife and I took over as the VBS directors, we were told two things; what our budget was, and not to use LifeWay resources. The budget I went over anyway, and the next year was given a bigger budget. We went with Group Publishers, and even though we’ve been gone 5 years, out church back home still uses their program each summer.

Wow, did I digress or what. ANYWAY, Outrigger Island is a surfer/island theme with the motto “Know the truth, Speak the truth, Live the Truth.” I’m going to wear my Hawaiian flowery shirt and grass skirt I was given and really play it up. Our church recruits every volunteer they can muster, and we use every building and classroom for the week. I would like to get some feedback from readers about VBS.

I’ve spent the past 16 years doing youth ministry. I’m a big supporter of VBS, and don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea (my pastor reads my blog ya’ know). I want to hear from someone that has perhaps already used Outrigger Island this year, and get your thoughts and ideas. I would also like to hear from you if you’ve given up on VBS and think it’s a big waste of time and the church budget. Or if you’re in another denomination, I’d like to know what you’re doing this summer for vacation Bible school.

The most important aspect of ministry is to share the gospel. Our church has a pretty healthy youth ministry already in place, and buses in kids every week that wouldn’t get to come to church otherwise. We will definitely use VBS to promote the gospel message to hundreds of kids. I just want to know what YOU think about Bible school in general, perhaps Outrigger Island in particular. I’m giving cynics an open invitation. I’ll be wearing my grass skirt Sunday morning plugging our VBS, which also means I’ll be on local t.v. and radio. Just wait ’till I get images up next week.

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