VBS Prayerwalk

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we have Outrigger Island coming up at our church. On Wednesday night we prayerwalked the church campus and prayed for each activity and classroom area. Your church could do this for any VBS. We handed out prayerwalk brochures with specific recommendations of what to pray about in each area, then divided our crowd up into small prayer groups to divide and concur. Areas you want to include are: sanctuary (or large meeting place), classrooms for each class or age group, music room, missions study area, craft room, refreshment area (and the people who serve them), recreation area, and your bus or van ministry. Don’t forget about preschoolers and babies when you pray for class groups, and certainly remember your pastor, youth leader and VBS directors.

Vacation Bible School is usually one of the most important ways that a church is visible in its community. Evangelism and church growth are definitely priorities during this week. Pray ahead of time that God would bless each of your workers as well as every child that comes in. Organizing a prayer walk or prayer meeting also helps everyone to focus on how important your mission is, and gets everyone on the same page.

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