VBS begins; ideas for Outrigger Island

UPDATE:  This post was written in 2008.  The Lifeway VBS theme for 2009 is Boomerang Express, and you can link to their site here. 

Ever since I first mentioned Outrigger Island, I’ve been getting about half a dozen hits a day from search engines looking for ideas; how to decorate, time saving tips, how to plan activities, etc. Well first off, as promised, here is a pic of me in a grass skirt doing the hula. Below are several more pics taken from our first night, and some ideas that maybe you can borrow for your VBS.

(click any photo to enlarge)

In addition to supplies from Lifeway, we bought decorations like these grass skirts from Oriental Trading Company. I’m not running ads for them or anything, but they sell stuff cheap in bulk, and can ship quickly if you’re in a hurry.

A plastic backdrop can quickly decorate any room.

Limbo is cheap, easy to set up, and authentic Hawaiian.

For little kids, try playing volleyball with a beach ball instead.

Decorate your tables for the full luau effect.

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