How is abortion not killing babies?

Kurt says:

Enough with this nonsense already!
The abortion “issue” is the biggest scam the GOP has ever come up with.
Think about it. If republican politicians and religious leaders truly thought we were killing babies, abortion would be stopped in an instant.

I’m a religious leader, and I think we’re killing babies. We have been doing so legally in the U.S. since the early 1970’s. During a partial birth abortion, the head of the fetus has already exited the birth canal when the abortion doctor enters through a small incision in the back of the neck and clips the spinal cord. The baby is reported still born. The baby would have been born alive had it not been murdered. When Congress passed a bill banning partial birth abortion, then President Clinton vetoed it. Such a bill was later signed into law by President Bush (current U.S. President).

Plenty of political and religious leaders do think we’re killing babies, but it does not stop because of the way the government defines life, and by extension what a “person” is. Examine the DNA of an aborted fetus and it is clearly the genetic code to create a human being, i.e. a person. Did you read the Gianna Jessen story? Her abortion failed, and even though she came out of her mother’s womb alive, if the abortion doctor had been present he could have legally terminated her life, possibly by suffocation. When a living baby is birthed alive, and a “doctor” kills it, how is that not killing a baby?

When I posted the Jessen story, I thought that perhaps someone would reply in defense of Obama’s campaign, talk about what a great record he has in other areas, or claim that I misrepresented his stance on abortion. I can’t believe Kurt (and millions of others) are still arguing that abortion is not taking a life. This isn’t a political issue cooked up by the GOP, it’s an issue of life and death for the thousands of innocent lives taken every year in this country by doctors that took the Hippocratic oath to do no harm, and have convinced millions worldwide that the baby they carry is “tissue” and the decision about what to do with it is theirs. Enough with your nonsense already.

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