2 thoughts on “Do you know my King?

  1. Clark,

    Thanks for dropping by my Blog and inserting the link to the video.

    The audio did not come through for me.

    Only a couple of changes I would have made in that message — Christ is not the king of the lost — but their Supreme Judge. He wants to be their Savior but is waiting for their decision.

    I could have spoken the message but instead inserted the word “Savior” in place of King and I would have inserted a clear message of the Gospel — the Death, Burial and Resurrection oj Jesus the Savior.

    As one who disbelieved for 35 years out of my 79, I rebelled at the idea of worshiping a King I did not know, One whom I had cursed many times for years and certainly did not care to know.

    But when I heard about Jesus the Savior, that He shed His blood for me to freely give me eternal life — and then Heaven, I decided to trust Jesus as my Savior. That was His Grace and my decision.

    After that I realized and appreciated the Biblical King-ship of Jesus Christ — because now I know Him and trust Him as my Savior. Because of Him, I KNOW I have eternal life. (I John 5:13)

    In Christ eternally,

    (I have cross posted this comment.)

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