Oops (a correction)

From time to time I add a link to the blogroll (on the right sidebar).  Last week I added a blog called Possessing the Treasure, written by a guy named Mike Ratliff.  When I created the link I typed in Ratcliff, which is not his name and ergo not the correct address.  The link is good, the site is good, pay him a visit. 

There is no mistake about Caffe e Vino.  The blog is well written and a pleasure to read.  It’s not a bunch of essays and sermons, but rather a Christ-centered person’s take on living life in the real world.  It’s a little break from blogs written by preachers (I say tongue in check to my preacher friends). 

If you visit Christ is Deeper Still (and you should) scroll down to Blessed are the Pure in Heart.  That’s a good example of the kind of stuff that Ray Ortland writes. 

Speaking of blogroll, the status has changed over at Two Channel Station and one must be logged in to view that blog.  It appears to have changed from public to private.  If my good friend Ricky would drop me an e-mail (jbunch@hotmail.com) I’d kinda’ like to know what’s going on and if Two Channel Station will be back someday.

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