I Hate Theology.

No, I’m not saying that I hate theology. “I Hate Theology” is the title of an essay that has been reposted at Internet Monk, and I got the chance to read for the first time. This is a link to the original post, here is an excerpt that gets to the heart of the message:

I hate this, and I am not ashamed to say so. Christ didn’t call theologians, he called disciples. Let’s follow Jesus, not just talk about the two natures. He didn’t establish a seminary or a library, but a church, which is a pretty down and dirty business that does a lot more than just stare at its confessions in wondrous rapture and awe. He didn’t give the great debate assignment, but the great commission. We’re on mission with a God who is doing great things in history. Or are we? Some of us are theologizing about ministry so much that we appear to be undermining ministry itself. It’s a great commission to make disciples of all nations, not a great commotion about who can be more literal about the elements of the Lord’s Supper.

I’ve written a lot lately about being the salt and the light, and I’m probably not done yet. This is what iMonk is saying; you can debate and discuss all the things that ministry should be and do, but then someone still has to do them. Discussing the salt of the earth and being salty are not the same thing. Jesus actually mentions this. Telling someone to go their way and be fed is not the same as feeding them.

This is just one point iMonk makes in his essay. You really should read the whole thing, and don’t get mad too quickly. It might not be what you think it is (the whole book by its cover sort of thing). I listen to a lot of preachers, I read lots of blogs. Very few things you hear or read are worth putting into practice in your everyday life. I’m suggesting this is one of them.

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