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This is a real church sign located not far from Cleveland, Ohio.  Mike Frizzell  has been providing us with humorous and amusing church signs for some time in a regular bit he calls Signs of the Times.  I couldn’t resist sharing this one also.  The church says it is meant to be a “friendly” reminder to teens that the Bible doesn’t condone homosexuality.  Many have misunderstood the sign’s meaning, or are unfamiliar with the pop song it is a reference to.  Read the whole story here  from Fox News.

7 thoughts on “Show Us a Sign

  1. Frizzell is casting his net at the world … non – Christians who are familiar with the song, rather than at the pious. Jesus Christ said that it is not those who are well that need a doctor, but those who are well, so that He came not to call the (self) righteous to repentance, but sinners. In that respect, Frizzell’s sign was 100% biblical in its intent, tone, and purpose, and probably a lot more effective than the slew of books, DVDs, etc. that were SOLD FOR A PRICE BY CHRISTIANS ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY TO OTHER CHRISTIANS who were claiming to be “opposing’ in some fashion “The Da Vinci Code” and ‘The Golden Compass.” 99% of non – Christians that saw those movies have never read a “Dan Brown Debunked” book or watched a “The Golden Compass Threat” DVD because those were made by the ‘Christian cultural watchdog” groups and marketed to the evangelical Christian audience. But even if the media had never made an issue of Frizzell’s sign to give it all of this publicity, LOTS of unsaved and unchurched teenagers read it and knew EXACTLY what he was talking about. Even if Frizzell is being irresponsible and reckless, the burden is on the more responsible and thoughtful to come up with something better. I don’t know about you, but I am not going to hold my breath waiting, because I prefer my skin being the color that it is rather than it turning blue!

  2. For the sake of clarity: Mike Frizzell is the author of Life in Mordor. He put up a pic of this sign on his blog, he didn’t write the sign. Job’s comments are fine, I just want other readers to understand what’s going on. Don’t tear Mike a new one if the sign offends you.

  3. Hey, I’m getting credit for this? If there’s money involved, I’m all for it. I don’t think I’ll take the hate mail from the gay and lesbian groups, though.

  4. I have to admit that I was laughing about the sign. I was in agreement because I am so tired of our culture endorsing homosexuality. Especially in the church. Homosexuality is offensive and it is a sure sign of the unregenerate. God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Call me a homophobe or whatever. I hate homosexuality because it is offensive to me and most importantly…..our Lord. I am not ashamed to speak out against it. A man laying down with another man is gross. You can’t put ketchup on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. That is taboo.

  5. Why would you think it is sad? It is good to hear someone stand firm and speak out against homosexuality. Our culture endorses it too much. It needs to be rebuked just as much as the other sins too. We are in deep trouble when the church chooses to look the other way or to ‘justify’ lawlessness. The gospel is still offensive to those who are perishing. That is just the nature of the gospel.

    A sure sign of apostasy is when the church excuses one another for sin. This results in lasciviousness (like Christ is a license to sin), which then leads to a lack of judgment among the masses. The best love the brethren can show for one another is to rebuke or correct one another when they make a habit of sin. Warning someone is tough love. Paul instructs believers to warn one another whenever appropriate so that we may snatch them out of the fire.

  6. Hey,

    I kissed a girl, and I liked it. Then I repented for it, accepted Christ, and now, I am NOT going to Hell. There is more to it than the above slogan suggests!!!

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