Biden vs. Palin, VP Debate

The debate is actually ongoing, so I’m not going to speculate who the winner is.  I’m sure the media is already prepared to announce Joe Biden won and tells us why, with the exception of Fox News.  I would like to point out the obvious to anyone carefully listening to each question and answer: neither candidate will answer the questions being asked.  Early in the debate, I watched Biden not answer his question, and Palin proceed to answer a different question that had not been asked.  The question was about Capitol Hill, pertaining to how they did this week.  Was it their best, worst, etc.  The senator did not answer that question at all.  The governor from Alaska, when she could have been jumping all over him for his allusive response, answered the question in terms of how our economy is doing, not how Washington is doing. 

At one point the moderator asked these candidates a question that she pointed out the Presidential candidates had failed to answer in their debate, the question of what campaign promises would have to be left unfulfilled.  Biden started to answer, then got sidetracked into what McCain promises could be not fulfilled by an Obama presidency.  Palin did a good job answering, but only after the question was repeated as a rebuttal. 

What’s the bottom line?  I’m afraid the bottom line is that the American public will fall for it.  Both candidates “spoke directly to the American people,” which means they grandstanded with pre-rehersed speeches that make nice little soundbites.  The media will spin the debate in their reports, and the average viewer/voter will believe about the debate what they are told, either by the news media or by the party of their choice.  By in large the candidates do not answer the questions, and the voting public does not think critically enough to notice.  The smoke and mirrors seem to be working just fine.

4 thoughts on “Biden vs. Palin, VP Debate

  1. Im sorry but Sarah Palin is not smart. I feel bad for her. She is killing herself and embarassing us…

    Killing the Republican party, Embarassing, Joe Biden is holding back his laughter and shaking his head in shame.

    Sarah, sarah…

    I have to say Biden made a great impact tonight. Aside from having weak competition.

    Clark says: I disagree. 64% of those watching the debate thought Joe Biden did better than expected, while a full 84% thought Palin did better than expected. All she needed to do was not look like an idiot or crack under the pressure, and I thought she did very well all things considered. Joe Biden is a seasoned veteran at debating, and Palin held her own, which I think is the best anyone could have hoped for. Bottom line: the VP debate did little to influence the candidates rankings.

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  4. Americans are pretty much getting what they deserve. I would be willing to bet that more people can tell you who won American Idol (or whatever the newest talent show is that I don’t watch) than can tell you who their Representative and 2 Senators are.

    A pet peeve of mine is hearing the complaint about low voter turnout. Hey, IF PEOPLE DON’T CARE ENOUGH TO TURN OUT AND VOTE, I’M GLAD THEY DON’T. Why is there so much concern for “getting out the vote” every election? I wish there was more emphasis on actually learning about the American system of government. Especially more emphasis on the Constitution itself.

    I’m sensing that I’m about to get on a soapbox, so I stopping myself.

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