Dry Spell?

I feel like I’m in some kind of a slump lately.  Maybe you call it a dry spell.  I don’t normally use this blog to talk about me and what’s going on in my life, but you may have noticed I haven’t used this blog lately for well, anything.  Is there a Christian writer’s block? 

We just got back Sunday from a one week break.  Typically when we have a week off, I eat too much, stay up late every night, sleep late everyday, and watch too much t.v.  That’s not literally all I do, but it feels like it.  I’m overbooked 46 weeks or so out of the year, and on my “off time” I’m completely worthless.  Do I use my extra time to finish reading every book I ever started, or get in several hours of extra Bible study?  No.  I often do absolutely nothing.  But we’re back.  I’ve taught 3 days this week.  But all the blogging I’ve done is to read a couple of blogs, leave a comment or two, I even posted a video.  BUT I CAN’T WRITE.  What’s up with that?

We had our regular Celebration! meeting at BCM tonight, and I did 15 minutes or so on Isaiah 1.  For a minute there I was my old self; I quoted scripture as it came to mind, nailed my speaking points, constructively used those moments of silence in between just the right words.  For several minutes in a row I had the undivided attention of a room filled with teenagers, so God must have been in it.  But here’s the irony; you know who I was preaching to?  Me.  Isaiah 1 is all about lip service to God, going through the (church) motions, and not being spiritually alive on the inside.  God is saying to the Hebrews their church service stinks, and he will not listen to their prayers, because they have blood on their hands.  They need to cease to do evil and learn to do good.  So right in the middle of my talking to these kids about how God sees past what we say and do on the outside straight into the intent of our heart, I realized how hypocritical I was being.  I’ve felt just about spiritually dead for days, and here I am saying to this bunch of kids “Don’t try to fool God by just acting like a good Christian, ’cause he knows better.”

For a little while tonight I kinda’ felt like I was in my groove, until the guilt hit me of how full of crap I was.  Okay, so now I’ve written something.  I just don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.

4 thoughts on “Dry Spell?

  1. I know all about writer’s block, as you can tell by looking at my site.

    Also, I’m with you on what you said to the kids……….I know exactly what you are talking about.

  2. My friend Mark, the Praise & Worship leader for Celebration, told me at lunch today what a great job I did last night. He and his wife really enjoyed the devotional, and I put a lot of stock into his opinion on spiritual matters. I guess God was there and did His thing in spite of me. I wish I enjoyed it as much as everybody else did.

  3. I think we would be amazed at the number of people who are feeling similar to you, if I followed your drift. I think there is a massive under current in our country, maybe our world, of folks who are struggling with the feeling that there has to be more to this Christianity thing than good speak and good intentions. Hang in there and don’t quit seeking His “way”.

  4. I’m sure nearly all church workers go through this many times during their service, but at least you are being HONEST! If you fool yourself into thinking u are ok, when really you are struggling then thats worse, its better to be honest with God and tell Him how you feel and face the problem, admit it, now you can let God come in and show you how to deal with it, change and then you can go and help another Christian leader who is facing the same thing. Honesty with God is so important. Remember He knew all you would go through and deal with before you were even born. He has great plans for you, this is part of it! God bless you for your honesty.

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