Catholic Vote 2008

No, I am not Roman Catholic. has put together an excellent video to remind us all that it’s not as important who you vote for as it is that you vote.  I believe all Christians should be able to agree with the message of this film.  It’s a good way to spend the next 3 1/2 minutes. 

My video quit working, watch it here on InternetMonk. 

6 thoughts on “Catholic Vote 2008

  1. It said the video is no longer available. I agree that it isn’t who you vote for as long as you vote. People shouldn’t complain about their government if they don’t vote.

  2. I was tempted to comment without watching the video; I’m glad I didn’t. It was a really well done video, especially since a lot of times those who are saying “it doesn’t matter who you vote for, just vote” is ineffective and useless rhetoric ( However, I would like to draw attention to your phrase “All Christians should agree with this message.” I’m a little uncomfortable with that phrase, since there is a whole scheme of Christian thought that argues that voting is not the best way to act in a way that sanctifies life. My humble blog post on the topic:

  3. Jazimomo, your comments are appreciated. Don’t take this as an attack, but to continue discussing the issue: I think all Christians should be able to agree with the basic message that we need to strengthen the family and have a respect for life, particularly unborn life. Voting is how we make our voice heard, Christian and non-Christian alike. Many have died defending this principle. “Not voting” accomplishes nothing. I teach government; voting may not be the best way to sanctify life, but not voting is a sure way Christians can just kiss all our rights goodbye.

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