Does anyone know who Jesus is?

I was watching this video on Who Jesus Is and one thought in particular came to mind.  It shouldn’t surprise us that many people have no idea who Jesus is, or even that they don’t know exactly what they believe.  Ask the typical person on the street about Jesus, and you’ll always get answers like “He was a pretty cool guy,” or “He was a wise teacher, but he’s not my savior,” or maybe even “I don’t believe there was any such person.”  Most people believe he existed, but not that he was the Son of God or even that he meant to start Christianity.  But like I said, we shouldn’t be surprised by any of these answers.

The people of Jesus’ day didn’t know who he was either.  There were people that followed him around watching the miracles and listening to his sermons that couldn’t answer their own questions.  Even the disciples had trouble with it sometimes.  When he calmed the storm at sea, they questioned what type of person could do such a thing.  The people that met Jesus and listened to his teaching thought that he was a wise teacher, a prophet, or perhaps just a healer.  Many came to Jesus to be healed or ate the feast of the 5,000 that didn’t believe he was the Son of God.  Most of the Pharisees wanted to kill him, but not all.  Nicodemus may have well become a true believer, as he appears on three different occasions in John’s gospel, the final time after the crucifixion.  Many times angry mobs wanted to kill him, but there also many that threw themselves at his feet in tears.  Many believed he was sent by God, while many others believed he was himself possessed by a demon. 

If the people that met Jesus and listen to him teach couldn’t figure out who he was, why do we expect a college student or random person on the sidewalk to know any better?  As Christians, it is up to us to let our good works shine like a light before others, so we can give the glory to God the Father.  Christ must be seen in us; that is the only hope the world has of knowing him.

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