Career Satisfaction

The Rev. Dr. Rick Wright says he enjoys helping people and being creative.

“With ministry I get to tie in my fundamental beliefs about God and life with what I do all day. So I get to work with people and assist them. And in ordained ministry I think it’s a bit unique in that people will open up to you because you are a priest/pastor and share who they really are inside,” explains Wright, senior associate rector at The Falls Church in Virginia.

Yahoo! has created a list of the people in America happiest with their careers.  I glanced it just out of curiosity, and wouldn’t bring it up at all if Clergy were not at the top of the list.  67.2% of clergy members report being “very happy” with their career.  Also on the list: firefighters, special ed. teachers, and auto mechanics.

Check my sources at Yahoo! for the full story. 

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