The Godless Revolution That Never Happened

atheismI want to link to this article on atheism, but I’m afraid to at the same time.  I’m going to wind up getting into an argument that I wish I hadn’t started.  The name of the blog is Heritage and Destiny, and while the title of the post is Culture Wars, it is really about the false claims of atheism.  Here it is, please click the link and read it.  I believe atheism is a growing trend, but this article sites Gallup Poll information that shows the numbers have been pretty consistent over the years, and atheists are still quite a minority.  The new atheists may be louder, but according to the data are not growing in numbers any faster than the old passive atheists did.

One thought on “The Godless Revolution That Never Happened

  1. Thank you for the comment! I put it under the category of Culture Wars but the title is on the “atheist revolution”, I l placed it under culture wars not so much for the content of the article itself, but because as atheists are becoming more vocal, particularly with their “Why believe in God?” campaign, it feels as if we Christians are in a shrinking minority, that atheism may still win out. I believe it is a battle in the culture war. One that Christians, if we are not careful, will surender only because we fear we are outgunned and out-numbered.

    Thank you for the link and I will add your blog to my list

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