New Friends …Again

blogrollIt’s that time again.  Time to add some new friends to the blogroll.  New on the blogroll at this time is New Creation Person, a.k.a. Carl.  We think a lot alike.  He’s a bit new to the blog thing, so pay him a visit and share a comment or two; I already have. 

And new in the Useful Resources list is Catholic Answers.  Check out their forums.  This is the self proclaimed largest network of Catholics on the net, and Protestants alike are invited to join in and comment.  I found out about them when a member linked to a post I wrote months ago.  The thread on Christians struggling with homosexuality was sending traffic my way, so I joined as a member.  Anytime you happen to wonder what our Catholic brothers and sisters believe about a particular subject, this is the place to start.  Even if you believe Catholicism is wrong, I want you to do the research and be able to say why it is wrong.

Warning:  If you are entering the URL yourself to visit Catholic Answers, be sure  to type   and not, with an “s.”  This site will download malicious code (a trojan) to your computer.  I was fortunate that McAfee caught it.

3 thoughts on “New Friends …Again

  1. Catholic Answers is a good resource, but the zealot Protestant converts on their staff specialize in misrepresenting Protestantism and giving inaccurate views of what Catholicism actually teaches. I’ve learned from knowledgeable internet Catholics like Amy Welborn, Alan Creech and Mack Ramer that the high profile, convert run, Catholic sites are generally giving a view of Catholicism that’s less than dependably aware of the entire church.

    So use CA, but more importantly, use the Catechism of the Roman Catholic Church. Read the Vatican II documents themselves. Read Welborn, Al Kimmel, Creech and others who are less polemical and less determined to view Protestants as a mission field, but rather as separated brothers and sisters.

  2. Michael Spencer wrote the above comment, I used the editor to link the sites he recommends. If there is an error, it’s mine not his.

    The one person I couldn’t find on the internet was Mack Ramer. I found several blogs that he had left comments on, but none linked to his site and none of those blogs had him in the blogrole. At any rate, I have now muliplied my Catholic linkage by a factor of 10.

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