Wacky questions, episode 2

question_mark_3dWacky questions.  You know, like if I say to my history class “Lincoln was shot at the Ford Theater,” and a student asks “What movie was he watching?”  This is my second installment of wacky theological questions and/or search engine terms.  Today’s example is of the latter.

This phrase, typed into a search engine, brought 3 people to my blog today:

“photo of angels and shepherds.”


If you don’t get why that’s funny, go back and watch Gone with the Wind.  That’s the movie Lincoln was watching the day he was shot.

3 thoughts on “Wacky questions, episode 2

  1. “Did they have digital cameras back then, or did they have to use one with 35mm film?”

    Oh, and I think Lincoln was watching STAR WARS and was quoting the whole movie and Booth got upset about it and shot him. If only there had been a bookstore nearby to walk to.

  2. CB,

    Thanks for the laugh…I liked your hypothetical student’s question about honest Abe and the movie so much that I shared it with a friend who teaches 7th grade History. He plans to use it as one of his “Liberty” bell ringers this semester.


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