Let’s go to the map…

mapI just kept seeing blogs that had a Cluster Map.  My curiosity was tweeked.  I know how many people each day read my blog, but where are they?  I added my own map on Jan. 11th, at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar.  You can click the map (at the bottom) for a detailed list of how many viewers are from each country.

WordPress has a big following in Australia, so I was not surprised there.  I’ve had comments from Israel before, so I’m still expected “thatdudeyouknow” to dot my map.  The surprises for me come from South Africa, India, and the United Arab Emirates.  I didn’t expect Pakistan to be on my list, nor Spain for that matter.  It’s been fun.

Perhaps the new will wear off after a while, and I will quit checking daily to see what new countries have appeared.  To add a map of your own, visit the Cluster Map website.  It’s as simple as entering your blog URL, then copying the code into a text widget.  Maybe I can someday travel the world and meet each person that reads my blog.  Until then, enjoy the map.


One thought on “Let’s go to the map…

  1. I’m using the flag thing that gives you the flags of the countries that have visited you. I’t more colourful =)
    I noticed that I’ve had visitors from Iran, Syria and Lebanon etc… why didn’t they comment…?

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