Israel, Hamas, and My Friend That Lives There

isreali-tank-in-gazaUPDATE:Israel has announced a unilateral cease fire, Hamas has pledged to keep fighting.  Read the full story here. 

I have somehow avoided blogging on the Israel/Hamas conflict, at least mostly.  I mentioned that there was a conflict in my Welcome 2009 post, and I’ve commented on other blogs about the situation.  I plan to be brief.

Peace in the Middle East: It’s a catchy slogan, rhymes well, and became very popular back in the 80’s.  It is also highly unlikely.  Correct that; according to the Bible it is not going to happen.  Israel has either been at war, occupied, or her people displaced since that nation was created in the Old Testament.  Only Solomon ruled as king during a time of peace.  Ever since that time the nation/people of Israel have been in conflict with someone, and the Bible is clear that this will always be the norm.  Jerusalem is the Holy City of Judaism, Christianity, and is the third holiest city in Islam.  It’s hard to say this without sounding like those Rapture Index  guys, but a period of peace in the Middle East will mean the Anti-Christ is on the scene. 

In regard to the current conflict, I have stated that Israel has the right to defend itself against terrorism.  Hamas has been around since 1987, and one of their stated goals is the destruction of Israel.  Located in Gaza, they are not ideally situated to achieve this.  So after randomly firing rockets into Israel for quite some time now, no one should be surprised that Israel finally retaliated.  If Israel has been targeting Palestinian civilians, then they are guilty of war crimes.  Hamas should have anticipated a violent Israeli reaction, however, so they are also to blame for the death of innocent Palestinians.  There may not be a “right side” amid this thing to be on, but I for one wish that all people around the world would quit protesting the actions of both groups and let them have this thing out.  The United States has always backed Israel since its re-formation in 1947, and I stand firm that this is the correct course of action.  Don’t whine to me about Israeli violence, war crimes, bloodshed or what-have-you in light of the deliberate actions of Hamas in starting this war.

I have tried to be brief.  I held off writing this post expecting that what I really thought would make people angry.  A friend and fellow blogger “thatdudeyouknow” recently commented on Israel’s situation, and shared an article from the Christian Science Monitor.  By the way, my friend lives in Israel with his wife and children.  Read his post here.  He already blogs in two languages and is working on his Hebrew.  He’s pretty bright.  He also believes coffee is one of God’s gift to mankind.  Thatdudeyouknow  should have been added to the blogroll a long time ago.  (The title of his blog is Life and Thoughts of a Superior Being.)  Thanks Dude.

2 thoughts on “Israel, Hamas, and My Friend That Lives There

  1. Thanks for the link, man! 🙂
    I’ve actually had a hard time writing about anything else since it started. But I’m getting there. One small misunderstanding: I only blog in English. I started to blog in Swedish on another site, and around one year ago I switched to the international lingua franca. You can read about it on the “about this blog” page. I speak all three languages fluently, but I don’t see myself blogging in more than this blog. Maybe when I’ve finished my degree in another 10 years or so…
    And coffee IS God’s gift to mankind! 😉

  2. I told a young couple that most of their conflicts could be resolved by looking into the Word of God. Perhaps jokingly, they said one of their biggest fights was over who was supposed to make the coffee. They watched in disbelief as I flipped throught the pages of the New Testament. And what book of the Bible did I turn to?


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