Answering Tough Questions: Abortion

question_mark_3dI’ve just read a blog post entitled “How to stump an anti-abortionist with one simple question.”  The question is this: If abortion were illegal, what should be done with mothers who get one?  According to the post, asking anti-abortion protesters this question draws puzzled looks and poorly thought out responses.  If Christians can’t articulate a well constructed response to this simple question, we need to work on that.  I responded thusly:

If abortion were illegal, then 1) the number of women receiving them would go down drastically. The vast majority of doctors simply would not take the risk of performing an illegal medical practice. If you could find such a doctor, the cost would be high, and obviously NOT covered by any medical or insurance plan.

2) It is the abortion doctor that should be punished severely for performing illegal abortions, not the women that receive them. An illegal abortion would be performed without the regulation of authorized medical procedures, without the proper support staff and medical facilities at hand, and put the mother at great risk. These risks to life and health would discourage women seeking abortion more than legal action. A doctor that would endanger a mother’s life (as well as murder an infant) while breaking the law to do so deserves a stiff prison sentence, fine, etc.

Abortion is killing, whether it’s legal to do or not. My wife is 11 weeks pregnant. I’ve seen the ultrasound; our baby is a person.

I’ve always wondered how the abortion doctor gets around the moral/ethical issue of the Hypocratic Oath that doctors take to “do no harm.”

4 thoughts on “Answering Tough Questions: Abortion

  1. Truthfully, I thought the same thing to, when I read the abortion stumping question. I recently read, Soul Survivor by Philip Yancey, and he has a chapter on the former Surgeon General Dr. C Everett Koop, a longtime activist against abortion. If you get a chance, check it out, judging by reading some of your posts, I think it might interest you.

  2. At the other blog, where the question was raised, a commentor made a good point. Bill said that it depends on whether having an abortion was illegal or performing an abortion was made illegal. Personally I don’t think either of those will ever happen in this country again, but given my preference I would choose to outlaw doctors from performing abortions. Since performing an abortion would be a risky and illegal procedure, it would be ill advised for a woman to have one, but not unlawful on her part.

  3. Great answer to the question that is supposed to stump pro-life people. I wonder how anyone could ever even consider making abortion legal, yet it happened in our nation. A century ago, this could not have happened. Surely those who support abortion being legal know somewhere, down in the deepest part of their being, that this is wrong!

  4. I would answer the question like this:
    1. I oppose the death penalty in all circumstances, so I would not condemn a woman who had an illegal abortion to a sentence of death.
    2. An illegal abortion should be treated as all cases of homicide are treated. We have first degree murder, second degree murder, manslaughter, etc. The penalties for homicide are decided according to the circumstances, intention, and motive for the particular homicide. A woman who is coerced, pressured, or forced to have an abortion by a callous father of her unborn child or by her parents or “friends” should not be indicted for first degree murder. But, a woman who has been proven to use abortion simply as means of birth control should be treated as a murderer.
    3. All abortionists [abortion doctors] should be treated as first degree serial murderers. Women with unwanted pregnacies deserve sympathy and mercy, but those who deliberately prey upon vulnerable women for the sake of financial profit should be revealed for the cold blooded and cowardly murderes that they truly are.

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