On the Lighter Side (2)

research1A young man inherited everything in his grandfather’s library, but did not share his grandfather’s love of books.  His friend dropped by as he was boxing up loads of old books for the garbage.  “Some of this stuff could be worth something.  You should check up on the stuff you’re throwing out” his friend warned.  “All of this is junk” the young man insisted.  “Take this for instance.  It’s a weird German Bible by some Gutenberg character.”  “Oh my God!” his friend exclaimed.  “A Gutenberg Bible!  There are only 46 of those known to exist.  You can’t throw that away.  Do you have any idea?”  “No, no, no” he protested.  “This one is all worn out, and wouldn’t be worth nothing anyway.  Some guy named Martin Luther done scribbled in it.”

There is a serious post coming on the Protestant Reformation and Church History, I just can’t write it tonight.  It’s after 11:30 already.  UPDATE: Here it is.

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