Thank You to All Who Have Prayed For Us

jan-5-09-ultrasound-imageAll we can do is say “Thank You” to any and all who have been praying for us. Regular fans and readers will recall being asked to pray for Teresa and our unborn child some weeks back. In 2002 and 2004 we had early term miscarriages, and were uncertain about this pregnancy from the very start. Pictured at left are two ultrasound images, the top from Jan 5 (9 weeks) and the other from Feb 2 (13 weeks). The baby is now 6.51 cm, with a fetal heartbeat of 162 bpm. It is too efeb-2-09-ultrasound-imagearly to determine gender, and atour next appointment (17 weeks) we will probably still have to wait.

If you click on the thumbnail image it will open full size. They were scanned at only 200 dpi so they could be uploaded more easily.

In December I asked Christians to please pray, and so I wanted to update my readers of our progress. The doctors say everything is perfect. The due date is August 10th.  You can keep tabs on us by checking the Journal page of My Other Blog from time to time. I blog theology and religion on The Master’s Table, with the goal of being God honoring, Christ Centered. Check out My Other Blog for news, humor, politics, funny pics and videos, and the events of my life.

UPDATE: 1) Johannah Lorelai was born August 11 (my wife’s birthday) 2009.  You can read more here.  2) There is no longer a journal page on My Other Blog, but the above link still goes to the home page.

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