Sneaky Spammers, and What to do About Them

spamI don’t know why, but an article I wrote back in October about Christopher Columbus has been getting a lot of views lately.  It seemed relevant to me back on Columbus Day, but for some reason it has become very popular just in the last couple of weeks.  The other day I got a comment about how the article was bullcrap, and that simply using Google could straighten me out.  I responded with in my usual tactful manner (lol) and waited to see what happened next. 

The commenter identified himself as Exedlylyday.  I have since been informed that he is a spammer, but it didn’t quite make sense.  He linked his name back to Google, not his own blog.  If he wasn’t driving traffic to his site, or to a commercial site selling junk, why was he commenting spam?  A friendly fellow blogger said that what Exedlylyday does is makes a generic comment that gets approved, knowing that many of us approve first time commenters that then are automatically approved the next time they comment.  So the next spam he sends gets by unmoderated.   Here’s how to fix that WordPressers:

Go to Settings in your Dashboard, and click Discussion from the Settings menu.  You have an option to hold certain comments for moderation, or add certain names, email addresses and IP’s to a blacklist.  If you add Exedlylyday to your blacklist – and I suggest every single person with a WordPress blog do that – any comments he makes will automatically be marked as spam.  Adding annoying people to the hold list and/or blacklist is one way to deal with sneaky spammers, those commenters that not only waste your time with junk but are also deceptive about it.


One thought on “Sneaky Spammers, and What to do About Them

  1. Of course, Christian bloggers have an extra advantage: Discernment. Sometimes you just know that a comment doesn’t feel right; even if the words all make perfect sense.

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