Biblical Survey

bible-pagesI will soon begin a series of posts that will effectively be a survey study of the Bible.  I’ve been leading a study of Mark’s gospel since August, going verse by verse in each chapter.  I have posted a couple of times from Mark, but shy away from creating a Bible study of Mark online.  One reason is that the Internet Monk has been posting a study of Mark at Jesus Shaped Spirituality.  My study would either be redundant of what he is posting, or everyone would realize that his was better than mine 🙂  Either way.

My next post will be on the creation week and the fall.  Biblical Survey will become a new category, and perhaps down the line could become it’s own blog.  I’m thinking in an ideal world (which this is not, but hypothetically) that posting 2 or 3 times a week could get one through the major points of the Bible in about a year or so.  I plan to continue blogging theology on a regular basis, posting sermons and the such like, so the survey topics would be in addition to.

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