Tips for Creating MP3’s

faith-by-hearingI have to thank Challies Dot Com for sharing this link, so that I can share it with my audience.

Faith By Hearing is the first 4 column blog I’ve ever seen.  Digital Etiquette for MP3 Creators gives some tips on how to do a better job of turning sermons and lectures in MP3’s that are both easy to find and of a manageable size.  I appreciate the advice, and perhaps many of us would do well to heed it.

Faith By Hearing has an extensive catalog of sermons and teachings by many well known speakers, some of whom may surprise you.  Their site will be added under the Useful Resources links, and I highly recommend spending some quality time there.

4 thoughts on “Tips for Creating MP3’s

  1. Yes, it looks like it was stolen. But, when “Blogga” copy and pasted the post, the links were not included. I was basically posting a couple of links and recommending them, and did not write an article. Without the links being active, the post doesn’t mean anything. No harm done, because the “theif” didn’t really steal anything.

  2. he meant to do harm – he meant to use your work to further his own reputation.

    he plagiarised your work word for word, like he did with mine, and 6 others. Everything on the site is stolen. Your piece might have been throwaway, the rest was personal writing, and serious articles.

    as a writer, I would appreciate it if you would take plagiarism seriously and complain to blogspot.
    or this guy will just keep going, stealing more work.

  3. 1) If your work has been stolen, I assume have complained to Blogspot. What is being done about it?

    2) Everything I post is under a Creative Commons license, and is not actually copyrighted material. Anything I would be afraid of getting stolen, I don’t post online.

    3) I commented on his post about the actual author, he knows he’s busted. I’m waiting to see if he puts up my comment, or responds at all.

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