Seeker Sensitive

willow-creekI’m debating whether I should explain what is meant by the Seeker Sensitive movement, or just assume my readers know what that is. In short, Seeker Sensitive churches take care not to offend with the gospel message, but make sure they are warm and inviting. In the name of being Seeker Sensitive, the pulpit has been done away with, the band plays for half the service, the preacher has been all but replaced by the “worship leader”, and the cross and anything resembling it are gone.

New Creation Person  posted a video earlier today in which R.C. Sproul and Al Mohler respond to questioning about the Seeker Sensitive movement. I won’t steal his thunder, so please click the link to his site and watch the video (it’s about 7 min. long). Mohler responds to the question, but Sproul rips it a new one. He calls it everything but the devil.

The most important thing that Christians have is the Gospel.  Of everything we have to say, that’s what the world needs to hear.  Check out this clip below of Billy Graham, circa 1971 in Lexington.  He spoke the Word of God with boldness, and while not “seeker sensitive” is responsible for more people coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ than any other preacher in the 20th century. 

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2 thoughts on “Seeker Sensitive

  1. The problem with not offending people with the gospel is that THE GOSPEL IS OFFENSIVE.

    Why was Jesus crucified, the apostles martyered, Paul and Sylus locked in jail? Because people did not want to hear what they had to say. When Jesus said he was “I AM,” they picked up stones to kill him with. But his message was the gospel.

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