Biblical Survey, Again

bible-pagesIt’s been about a month since I said that I was going to begin a survey of the Bible.  I promised that the next thing I posted would be about the creation and the fall.  One blogger even linked my site, saying how excited he was as this was a topic of interest to him.  I offer my sincere apologies, and now once again am announcing that I’m about to start my Biblical survey.

A couple of notes:

1) This will be a survey.  A survey sort of maps out the lay of the land.  I believe Bible study should be done verse by verse, chapter by chapter through a book of the Bible.  To cover the entire Bible in this manner would take years.  J. Vernon McGee, on his 30 minute daily radio broadcast, took 5 years going through the Bible verse by verse.  I still enjoy listening to McGee, but in my wildest dreams don’t plan on starting such a project.  I started a Sunday School class in August on the Gospel of Mark, and we’ve done about 9 chapters in 7 months.

2) My resources.  For several years, my most used research tool was the Oxford Annotated Study Bible.  That and a good concordance prepared me for many sermons.  I now use (and endorse) the ESV Study Bible.  (Notice the ESV page.)  I will be linking to for reading verses, but also use Bible Gateway when searching the scripture and looking up passages in other translations. 

3) I would like the Bible survey posts to have their own unique URL.  This blog is about a lot of things related to religion and Christianity, and dialog is encouraged.  Viewer disagreement is welcome.  When I post the first survey lesson on creation week, I will not entertain comments from those who do not believe in creation.  What I will probably do is put up each post at the Bible Survey site, and link each one as a post on The Master’s Table.  Comments of all sort will be welcome here; the other site will have no links, blogroll, ads, etc., and perhaps no comments.  At the most, comments will be restricted to questions, answers, or further explanation of each post. 

I looked forward to this survey of scripture.  I hope some of you will be with me from day one and stay in for the long haul.  Hopefully we will start with a small group and grow over time.  The Master’s Table will continue to blog religion, theology and living the Christian life.  God will bless the study of his Word.  I invite you to do it with us.

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