A Letter to the President

Tom Foreman is a correspondent on Anderson Cooper 360.  I actually read through his letter the first time thinking that it was written by Anderson Cooper, and although it’s not, it is written by one of his guys and displayed by CNN on their website.  Foreman has been writing President Obama a letter each week since he took office.  Here is a sample of his latest offering, in reference to Christians in America, since Easter is this week:

People of faith sometimes mistake their own fist for the hand of God; non-believers sometimes mistake scientific findings for proof that God is not there. Faith by its very nature is not subject to proof one way or the other. If you had proof, it would not be faith. If you need proof, faith is far away.

And if we can learn to accept those opposing stances in each other, we’ll be a stronger nation where both the faithful and faithless can share the peace and wonders of our world…

Read the entire letter here, and tell me what you think.  Is Foreman’s take on religion in America just about right?

2 thoughts on “A Letter to the President

  1. Clark,

    I guess I would be lumped into that category of people Tom mentions in his letter that don’t really agree with his stance. The “Katherine, Katie, Kate” argument is nice, but does not reflect the reality of the situation; as I’m sure you would agree.

    Finally, I really get tired of arguments like Tom’s that make faith and science antithetical. His statement that “Faith by its very nature is not subject to proof one way or the other” makes my skin crawl! Faith is belief for the future based on faithfulness in the past. I have faith that the train I board everyday to get to work will get me to my destination safely because it has done so in the past with a high degree of success. I don’t know with 100% certainty that the train will be safe today, but I trust the safety record of the train company. Same goes for God, I have faith in God because he has proven faithful in past.

    Anyway, thanks for the read!

  2. Without faith there can be no proof because proof is constantly changing and evolving just as the universe & we are. But faith is a constant in a consistently changing world.

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