Christmas Card Theology

What if everything we knew about Christmas came from studying the pictures on our Christmas cards?  Even if you never pick up a Bible, there’s a lot to learn from the cards we send around each year.  Here’s a list of some that I’ve noticed:

  • Mary and Jesus are both white.  I’ve even seen Jesus with red hair, and lots of it.  Way too much for a newborn.
  • Angels are beautiful women.  They basically look like super models in choir robes.  OR
  • Angels are 6 year old children.  They’re cute, and plump, and sometimes play musical instruments.
  • There were 3 wise men.  There were exactly 3 wise men, no more, no less.  Two of them were white, one was black.  AND THEY WERE AT THE MANGER.
  • The manger was in a shelter made of wood with a straw roof.  There were no other buildings of any sort for several miles in any direction.

These are a few of the things we learn when we get our theology from Christmas card images.  Assuming of course that your cards have anything about Jesus on them at all.  I’m going to leave it at this.  Check out the first couple chapters of Matthew and Luke before asking stupid any questions.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Card Theology

  1. The wise men visited Jesus when He was about 2 years old, just before He and His parents had to flee to Egypt. Nativity scenes that portrary them at the manger are unbiblical.

  2. Yes, those scenes are unbiblical. So are every one of the things I’ve listed above that we learn from Christmas card pictures.

    Just in case anyone was to miss the point of this post (notably sarcasm) let me be clear. The wise men were not at the manger. We have no idea how many there were, just that they brought 3 types of gifts. Jesus was a Jew, born to Jewish parents. Angels are not women (and technically not men; angels have no gender, but appear in scripture in the masculine form). The original nativity would have taken place possibly in a cave, or a building made of stone. At any rate, it did not look like a barn.

    Now, I often send the same type of cards myself. I prefer a card with this type of picture and a verse from scripture to one with snowflakes or Santa’s reindeer. I would just like to remind Christians that we should know our story well enough to recognize the real thing when we see it.

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