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We live in what is called the Information Age.  Just one generation ago, Americans found out about what happened in the world around them by tuning in to a 30 minute televised news broadcast at 6:30 each evening.  Walter Cronkite, who only recently passed away, was the very first news anchor.  Today, with broadband mobile devices and public access to high speed Internet, we are never more than a few seconds removed from breaking news that happens anywhere on the globe.  There are of course those people that Tweet each individual item they put into their shopping cart, resulting in what the kids call TMI (too much information).

The point is that any data can be accessed instantaneously, and to overlook the potential to share the Gospel would be foolish.  I wish to welcome Manchester Baptist Church in Manchester, KY to WordPress. They tried a website a year or two ago, but I am now pleased to see them here.  Earlier this evening, The Master’s Table saw it’s 100,000th visitor since it’s inception in May of 2008.  While most readers are somewhere in the United States, even I have been surprised to see some of the countries that show up on the visitor map.  I may never visit New Zealand, but I’ve had nine readers from there in the past ten days.  This is a vehicle to transmit any piece of information across the street or around the world.  A sermon I preached last Easter may be read by someone seeking Christ tomorrow.  As an increasing number of people are connected to blogs, Facebook and Twitter, it would be an epic failure of the Great Commission to not put the Word of God out there using those tools.

MBC will most likely use their posts to convey announcements, schedule changes, list prayer requests and remind us to attend Sunday School.  But sooner or later someone will write an e-mail from some place like India, or a former Soviet state, to say that they listened to Bro. Ken’s Sunday sermon and got saved.  The promise of scripture holds true: the Word will not return void.

One thought on “Welcome to WordPress MBC

  1. Two things for the record, I searched the Internet high and low for a pic of MBC. I exhausted every possibility before using the WordPress logo. Apparently not EVERY piece of information can be found online.

    This blog (or rather this URL) was created in May of 2008, but the archives go back to March. Huh? I started out with a blog bearing my name, and later imported all my theology posts to this site. Just in case anyone is paying THAT much attention.

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