Life in Mordor

one does not simply blog into mordor 

Life in Mordor, the Christian blog of Mike Frizzell, has been on my blogroll for a long time.  He left WordPress for a while, went on hiatus, and has now come back home.  Changing hosts (a couple of times) can have a negative impact on a blog, and Mike is in the process of working the kinks out. 

Mike was looking for help, and I jumped at the chance.  The offer still stands if anyone is interested in contributing.  It could involve posting once, occasionally, or daily.  Check out this page  for more info.  You could join The Fellowship (my wife asked if that makes me a troll).  The archive page contains all of his posts listed by category, and also archived by month.  That’s one of those features that gets lost in transition.  The biggest need right now is for a little attention.  Life in Mordor is a work in progress, but it’s progressing nicely.


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