The Bible is About Jesus

The Bible is about Jesus.  I’m certain I have said this before, but after looking high and low for a post with that title I cannot find one.  So let me go on record making this statement: the Bible is about Jesus.

I did find a post titled Old Testament God is the God of the New Testament.  To some, there is almost two different Gods in the Bible.  In the Old Testament, God is angry, vengeful and scary.  He is more like Zeus or Thor than the mild-mannered, pacifist Jesus found in the New Testament.  Let me suggest that 1) like the Pharisees, you are not reading the Old Testament correctly.  While he is a God of judgement in the Old Testament, he is also patient and longsuffering toward the nation of Israel.  2) Jesus is not just presented in the Gospels as patient, kind and loving towards all.  He also raises his voice and drives the money changes out of the temple – with a whip in John’s Gospel!  Jesus is present as judge at the end of Revelation.  There is one God.  Perhaps a re-read of the text is necessary.

The Bible, made up of 66 different books by some two dozen or so authors, tells one story.  It’s the story of how a holy and righteous God relates to a broken, fallen and sinful people.  The only way we can relate to God is though Jesus.  The point of contact between God and man is Jesus.  In the Old Testament, God sent prophets as his messengers.  In the New Testament he sent his Son.  In the OT, priests made animal sacrifices.  In the NT, Christ has become our high priest, as well as presenting himself as the lamb that takes away the sin of the world.  The brass serpent lifted up by Moses?  That story is about Jesus.  The Temple?  That’s about Jesus as well.  Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac?  The rock that gave forth water?  The Passover lamb?  Moses leading the Hebrews out of Egypt?  The burning bush?  Isaiah 53?  The 23rd Psalm?  All about Jesus.

As early as the third chapter of Genesis we find a veiled reference to the Messiah.  The world was made by him, through him and for him.  In the closing chapters of Revelation Jesus reads the names found in the Book of Life, and after the judgement wipes away all tears.  There are many characters and themes running throughout scripture.  But to put it simply, the Bible is about Jesus.

*Note: while searching for an image to use with this post, I found an essay written by Charles Spurgeon on this very subject.

5 thoughts on “The Bible is About Jesus

  1. Great post! It’s so beautiful to see how the Bible is intricately woven together to point to Jesus in BOTH testaments. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Thank you Amanda.

    Hey readers, Amanda authors a new blog titled Theologigal. She’s blogging theology and is off to a fine start. Give her some page views and comments; those are both very encouraging.

  3. I just found your blog! I was looking for “wisdom” photos to add to my blog today, and I came upon the one you have on another post with Einstein. I hope you don’t mind if I use that photo…

    I would also like to link your blog to my devotional blog. I’ve only read a few pages, so far, and I love everything I’ve been reading. You sound like a man “after God’s heart” and you have a way of explaining things that are easy to understand, some things I’ve tried to say, but didn’t quite convey accurately. I especially love this blog: “The Bible is about Jesus”.

    I recently got “into it” on a facebook page, trying to explain to a person who is an obvious non-believer, that the Old Testament is only a shadow of things to come, and all the stories point us to Jesus…That the God of the Old Testament required blood sacrifice for the forgiveness of sins, (The Law) but in the New Testament, Jesus has become the sacrifice, once and for all. That we are now living under Grace. I felt like I was banging my head against a brick wall…In the end, this person basically told me to keep my grace… (sad)

    Anyway…I will be following your blog here from now on…I have a feeling I will be learning a lot from you!! It is so awesome how our Lord works…in searching for wisdom photos, I come across a blog with tons of wisdom- free for the taking! Thank you, Clark!


  4. Thank you Sharon.

    The beauty of blogging is that everything gets proofed and edited before being published. Worse case scenario you realize the next day how stupid something was to post and delete it. In real life I say and do very “unwise” things all the time. Thanks again, and I’m glad you were blessed.

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