The Strange Relationship Between Abortion and the Death Penalty

The focus of this blog is religion and theology, and I try not to promote a political agenda.  I’ve always found something a bit odd though.  The same people – and I will try not to give them a label – the same people that oppose the death penalty often favor abortion rights.  Their logic astounds me.

I was asked to debate the death penalty in college by our local Amnesty International group on campus.  They wanted to host a debate to raise awareness, and invited a group of individuals in favor of keeping the death penalty to debate them in a public forum.  Their entire position was based on cases in which innocent people had been wrongly executed.  There was a display on the campus lawn for a week leading up to the debate featuring one white cross for each wrongful death due to execution in the last 100 years.  The position against the death penalty hinged on the accidental execution of those that were later found innocent, and the argument that the death penalty was not a deterrent of violent crime.  The people behind abolishing the death penalty seem to have a high respect for human life.

In most cases, violent offenders that have been found guilty over and over again thanks to the automatic appeals system languish for years on death row and are never executed.  While new and better forensic science, including DNA testing, has found some convicted person to actually be innocent, it has also condemned many others beyond the shadow of a doubt.  A criminal found guilty of a capital offense, not just once but after a series of trials, using the science and technology we have available today, is more certainly guilty than at any time before in history.  Some feel it is still not the place of government to enact vengeance.  Violence begets violence, after all.  How then do those same individuals support abortion rights?

There is the minute chance that a convicted criminal is not actually guilty.  An unborn child is without a doubt innocent of any wrong-doing.  A developing child that has yet to see the light of day is not and cannot be guilty.  But the same people that will not allow mistreatment of convicted criminals, and do not think it is our place to carry out sentences of death, support the right of a mother to choose to murder her unborn child.  Abortion is murder; I can’t even believe people are willing to argue this point.  Heartbeat and respiration used to be the standards for whether a person is alive or not.  Today we look at brainwave activity to officially determine when life has ceased.  In either case a fetus is both human and alive.  Humanity can be determined quite scientifically and without bias by simply examining DNA.  23 pairs of chromosomes constitute humanity.  It should not have to be said that before a live birth a human baby had been a human fetus.  Heartbeat can be detected as early as 5 1/2 weeks.  I’m not even going to get all the way into it; unborn babies responded to music, light, the voices of parents, they suck their thumbs and even play with their own umbilical chord.  Unborn babies are living human beings.  To take an innocent life is murder.  Play with the syntax of the English language all you want, killing another person without cause is murder.

Our society, exemplifying the depravity of sinful man, protects the guilty with greater fervency than the innocent.  We feed convicted murderers and rapists 3 squares a day while offering abortion on demand as birth control.  We support with our tax dollars publicly funded abortion performed for minors without parental consent.  Is abortion a matter of women’s rights?  I don’t see how.  What about your baby’s rights?  The woman’s right to choose; here’s a thought: choose not to have sex.  We’ve known where babies come from for over 5,000 years.  When a woman has had 6 abortions in 5 years, she has got to know what causes that.  Taking a human life for the sake of convenience should not be anyone’s right.  Where does a person too lazy to unroll a condom find the energy for sex?

Whoa, it just got ugly there for a second.  Let’s reel it back in.

The same people that oppose the death penalty on the grounds that it would be wrong to take even one innocent life are often the most vocal about abortion rights.  How does the same logic keeping harden criminals alive and healthy not apply to innocent and unborn children?  Someone tell me why they deserve to die.

5 thoughts on “The Strange Relationship Between Abortion and the Death Penalty

  1. Have you ever heard someone argue “You can’t legislate morality?” Every law is someone’s morality. Why is it illegal to murder an adult? Thou shalt not steal is a law and a moral.

  2. There are already too many human beings in the world. We cant even feed them all. Babies would suffer more if they were allowed to be born. Its called population control. Birth control doesn’t always work. And a foetus that has only lived for 3 months is vastly different to a human being who has lived for decades! It may be a living thing, but so is an oyster. Neither have lived a real life, neither has any memories or experiences. They hardly have any intelligence. For you to say that foetus is a human being is not only incorrect but its also laughable. And i agree with the other comment about morality. I dont believe in law as much as morality. If you were raped and want abortion thats very understandable. A woman who has had 6 in 5 years is quite disgusting. Thats how law works. Its all relative. You cant say whats right and wrong for the entire world. I find your argument ridiculous. What is your actual point? Your point was those who oppose the death penalty are sso abortion? Another generalisation. I am pro human. We all have different circumstances and morals and views. Until something affects you personally you may not understand this.

  3. If something is in my body i own it. The law states it is not a legal subject with legal rights until detached from the mother. I agree with the law.before 3 months its okay to terminate pregnancy.obviously mothers have good reasons for doing so.sometimes condoms break- in response to your stupid condom comment. But 2 is better. A foetus is not a baby. Remember. No one will miss it, it has virtually no contact with anything in the world. Its really just a seed that you stop from growing. Your opinion doesnt make much difference to anything anyway. You obviously just want to share it. So thanks 🙂

  4. A fetus at 3 months has very little contact with the outside world. It has no memories, and ending its life would not make much difference. There are thousands of Alzheimer patients in exactly the same situation, but we place a high enough value on human life not to kill them.

    In most cases if it’s in your body you own it. But we’re not talking about the hot dog you had for lunch – we’re talking about a human life. Google “3 month aborted fetus,” look at the images, then try again to tell me it’s neither a person nor a life. If you are in deed pro human you wouldn’t justify killing human babies.

    And it’s not MY argument. Every human being, including the unborn, are made in God’s image. His Word teaches us the sanctity of human life. He’s the one we have to deal with, I’m just trying to warn people. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

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