New Features Available

I’m usually not among the first people to embrace a new trend.  My wife told me about Facebook two years before I signed up.  I wish I had bailed on MySpace sooner.  I also like for my blog to feel familiar; I’m annoyed when I visit a site of any kind regularly and it looks different every single time.  Find a theme/design that works for you and leave it alone.

That being said, I realize others embrace new trends and technologies more quickly than I do.  I added a Tweet feature a few weeks ago at the bottom of each blog post, and a few of my recent posts have been re-tweeted.  A few.  So, for the convience of my readers and fans (and to possibly attract new ones) several sharing features have been added.  At the bottom of each post, buttons appear for twitter and Facebook.  There are additional features under the “share” tab for e-mail, print, reddit, digg and StumbleUpon.  The number of mobile web devices and those socially networked is ever increasing.  The way to reach a mobile broadband world with the Gospel is to use the tools and media they are using.

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