(No) Peace in the Middle East

This short film offers a simple answer to a complex question: Why has there not been/ will there not be peace in the Middle East?  Simple answers often require a lot of qualifiers, but this actually does a pretty good job.

We could of course turn this into a discussion of Bible prophecy.  There has never been peace in this region, and the Jews have been, are and will be despised by all nations.  When Pilate said he did not want this man’s blood (Jesus) on his hands, the Jewish mob cried out “Let his blood be on our hands, and on our children.”  It’s hard to not make the correlation between that event and the destruction of the Temple in A.D. 70.  The first century diaspora is why there were 10 million European Jews in 1936.  The Holocaust resulted in 100,000 Jews immigrating to the United States, and more importantly the creation of the Jewish state described in the video.  I find it hard to miss that hand of God in all this.

Many students of prophecy also believe there will be a miraculous peace brought to the Middle East by the Anti-Christ.  Now we are really stirring the pot.  Like I said, good video.

2 thoughts on “(No) Peace in the Middle East

  1. I just can’t leave it alone: some things are complicated and there is nothing that can be done about it.

    The history of the Jewish people, both before and after the time of Christ, appears to be a testimony of God’s judgement. God has also promised there will always be a remnant. Even though the persecution of Jews may be fulfilling biblical prophecy, that does not mean God will not then judge those nations that persecuted his people. Think about Jeremiah: he prophesied the destruction of Jerusalem by Babylon. He also said that God would then judge Babylon for the evil they did. God used that empire like a tool to accomplish his will.

    Are the Jews God’s chosen race? They certainly were at one time. Some Christian scholars differ on the role of Israel since the dawn of Christianity. Will God again judge the nations for how they have treated the Jews/Israel in the past 2000 years? I think I would rather be safe than sorry.

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