What Is A Blogger?

People that don’t blog probably have a pretty negative image of what a blogger is.  Computer geeks, emo girls, tree huggers and every single personality on G4 all come to mind.  Many blogs are driven to generating profit, whether for the entertainment industry or marketing products and services.  But then there is the other type of blogger; enter the world of the Christian Blogosphere.

Michael Spencer, the original Internet Monk, introduced me to blogging.  He was neither 24 years old nor living in his parents’ basement at the time.  The internet is a tool, just like books, radio and television.  There are some Christians that will never let a t.v. in their house but there are also some good Christian programs on it.  There are Christian radio stations and Christian book stores.  The internet is neither inherently good nor evil but could be used for either.  And some of us are using this tool to reach people and places with the Gospel that wouldn’t let missionaries or a case of Bibles cross the border.

I recently added Meeting in the Clouds to my blogroll.  My mother is 71, and knows how to push the space bar to pause Netflix.  That’s the beginning and end of her computer literacy.  Cloud Watcher is 74.  Notes from a Retired Preacher is authored by former pastor Jack Weaver.  His is a spry 82.  He uses the Internet to reach the world that he is no longer as capable of physically getting around in.  We may not agree on everything (if we did one of us would need to stop blogging) but he is not short on passion for sharing the Gospel.

Whatever a “blogger” looks like, the Christian blogger is sometimes a whole other animal.  In a sense, blogging is all about saying “Look at me!”  The Christian blogger is saying “Look at Jesus.”

5 thoughts on “What Is A Blogger?

  1. Hi Clark.
    You take me back a number of years to when I first used a computer – one of those weird all-in-one things. Was it a 64 or something? Thankfully I still had high school aged boys at home and received a lot of help.

    Now, I wonder how things could get done without a computer. I look at the shelves of books, manuals and materials I have written and think of all the promotional and advertising materials and my mind boggles! I am so thankful for computers, printers etc. Having said that, I have to admit I know NOTHING about computers but I DO know MS Publisher inside out, back to front and upside down.

    When I had to retire from the enormous amount of voluntary work I was doing in children’s and youth ministry, I found it difficult to cope with having “nothing to do” until my son introduced me to blogging – and what a blessing that became!

    The internet is, without any doubt, full of danger . . . but it is also the biggest, most wide-open mission field of today.

    On another social networking site – a discussion site – I have long discussions, back and forth, with agnostics, atheists, wiccans, and “religious” non-believers. We discuss numerous theological subjects with respect for each others’ points of view, but I pull no punches.

    Praise God for Christian bloggers! Blogging allows us to go where we could not otherwise go.

  2. Hi Clark! I frequent your blog but I am not usually in the comment mood these days. Lots of “stuff” I am working through. I define blog as “B-boloney L- lavished O- on (the) G- gullible”. I can count the blogs I actually read on one hand. I do read yours. You are still my friend. I like the above post. I am going to dive into the world of blogging and “lavish boloney on the gullible. Can’t wait to see if anyone “bites”. In Christ love, Judy

  3. Not too long ago I wrote a piece on the Christian blogosphere. While Christians certainly aren’t perfect, Christians blogs are perhaps less bologna. If the intent is to edify the body, rather than to drive traffic or push merchandise, then you have a better chance of actually reading something well worth while.

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