Christmas Creep

Have you seen it yet?  Most retailers are geared up for Halloween, but you get the distinct feeling that Christmas isn’t too far behind.  Except for the fact that it’s still three months away.

I’m not referring to your weird uncle (everybody has a weird uncle).  Christmas creep refers to the gradual tendency for Christmas celebration (retailing) to start a little earlier each year.  Our local convenience store has chocolate covered cherries on the counter, $0.29 each.  Four people came to my blog yesterday after searching for the term “Jesus and the wise men.”  I refuse to participate.  I haven’t even put up fall decorations yet.  Our school is taking “fall break” next week, and when we get back I will put up our fall colors wreath and scare crow in the front yard.  I will leave those up until Thanksgiving.  Out of respect for Thanksgiving, if anyone remembers what that is, we do NOTHING at house regarding Christmas until Thanksgiving Day is over.  Not only do I teach U.S. History, I have more respect for Christmas than that.

After Thanksgiving, I will change our front door wreath to Christmas and put up our tree.  We will then observe the four weeks of Advent.  Advent is the season of waiting and more importantly preparation for Christmas.  It makes Christmas Day more meaningful.  When we stretch that special feeling you get from the middle of November all the way through New Year’s, it gets to be not quite as special after a while.  If you start in October, by December 25th you may well thank God it’s over.  I can’t imagine starting in the middle of summer, but that’s where the creep is heading.  Today is the last day of September for crying out loud.

I’m going on Fall Break.  I’ll write a post or two in October about the supposed evils of celebrating Halloween.  I’ll do another one or two in November for Thanksgiving, probably one rooted in historical context and another biblical.  Then on November 26 or 27 you can expect to see my First Sunday of Advent posting.  And not I’m not going to say another word about it before then.


3 thoughts on “Christmas Creep

  1. Until a few years ago Halloween was almost unheard of here in Australia but I’m afraid we have followed America and the shops now have large displays of witches costumes etc.

    We also have Christmas things in the stores already. What a shame that commercialism has taken over. Only a couple of weeks ago I overheard two ladies looking at Christmas cards and one said “Look at this. They’re even bringing religion into Christmas!” I am thankful I was able to have a polite conversation with them about the REASON for Christmas.

  2. I filter a lot of spam comments, one of them recently claiming “I searched the wiki for this topic and it contained no relevant information.” Just for kicks I did read the Wikipedia entry for Christmas Creep.

    That entry was actually quite informative, though somewhat dated. According to Wiki, Christmas creep refers to promoting holiday spending before Thanksgiving in the U.S. and before Halloween in Canada. I posted on September 30th after already noticing the creep this year. I guess you can’t blame a recessed economy for trying.

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