2 thoughts on “On the Lighter Side

  1. Clark, Hello!

    This cartoon could be very helpful when explaining Christ was God in the flesh. Some have a problem with God being in two place(or forms) at the same time. It amazes me that even some senior followers in church, with 50+ years, still think God took a ‘piece’ of Himself and made Jesus, but Jesus was only a mere fraction of the whole.


    quote:”I believe that a carpenter; the Nazarene carpenter with the Galilean accent and calloused hands, was not merely a man, but he was God. This is the foundation upon which I must build.” – Max Lucado.end-quote

  2. At some point every analogy breaks down. This does effectively illustrate the fact that any analogy, metaphor or symbolism will prove ineffective at “explaining” the Trinity. Plus, hilarious.

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