Okay, so here’s one more Tim Tebow blog post.  How can I talk about media saturation and then write another article?  Well, if it helps, it isn’t really Tim Tebow I’m ranting about/worshiping.

These kids are in trouble for Tebowing in their school hallways.  Some Christians are up at arms over rights of expression.  Some athletes are ranting about Tebow getting media coverage for either winning games and/or for being a Christian while their accomplishments and faith are overlooked.  My beef is this: kneeling on one knee and bowing the head is now called Tebowing.  Who gets the glory there?

“At the name of Jesus we will all Tebow and confess that he is Lord.”

Philippians 2:10, a paraphrase

Like I say, I have no beef with Tim Tibow.  To make a touchdown and then say a  prayer, knowing the world is watching, could be an incredible show of faith.  Or perhaps just a show, but who are we to say?  Kneeling in a crowded hallway, interfering with others getting to class on time thus making a spectacle of one’s self?  That’s a different story.  Jesus told his followers not to stand on the street corner and be known for their much speaking, but to enter the closet and close the door.  What God sees in secret he will reward openly.  If we perform our prayers to be seen of others then we have received our reward already.  Same with giving alms and with fasting.  If the students in question had been warned, regarding blocking the hallways, then they are not subjecting to those in authority.  Are we dealing with persecuted Christians that should practice their faith in lieu of the authorities?  I hope no one even thought about going there.

If God gets the glory by Tebow’s public expression of faith then more power to him.  If his fans choose to Tebow in public places, I think it’s pretty clear who is being worshiped.


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