Chaplain Mike at Internetmonk was listing reasons the other day that he would not be reading Mark Driscoll’s new book on Christian sexuality.  Real Marriage is co-authored by Mark and Grace Driscoll, and promises an intimate look into their intimate relationship.  Here’s Mike’s post, noting that this book epitamizes all that’s wrong in the evangelical circus.  (Here’s an actual review, if you want one.)  Mark Driscoll has developed a reputation for speaking with a certain style.  It’s all about being frank and in your face.  Real Marriage will seem tame in comparison to what Ed and Lisa Young are about to come out with.  Chaplain Mike, you ain’t seen noting yet.

Sexperiment: 7 Days to Lasting Intimacy with your Spouse is due out on Tuesday.  To promote the book Ed and Lisa will spend 24 hours in bed on the roof of their Texas church.  That’s what I said: Ed and Lisa Young will spend 24 hours doing web interviews and Skype from a bed on the roof of the church.  Driscoll may be provocative and even attention-grabbing at times, but to get the real circus effect you need to work without a net.  Ed Young received national attention in 2008 when he recommended married couples have sex for 7 straight days, promising the results would last well beyond one week.  The book coming out this week is based on the same idea.  The Young couple’s bed-in begins Friday morning, Jan 13th, at 6 a.m. and will be streamed live on the book’s website.

On the one hand I can’t believe this is happening.  On the other hand – of course it’s happening.  Any distraction will work that gets Christians talking about anything rather than the Gospel.  That’s what Christians have that the world needs to hear about, but you won’t get on the front page of any national newspapers that way.  Mark and Grace better work on their tight-rope act if they expect to stay ahead of the game.  Ladies and gentlemen step right up…

UPDATE: Be sure to read me in the comments below.  I thought about posting again, but this should suffice.


3 thoughts on “Sexperiment

  1. sheesh… what next? Imagine Paul coming to town today with only the Gospel to offer. Thanks for making us aware of another ridiculous ploy to make a buck and attract attention. Blessings

  2. I saw the headline at Christian Post and pretty much reacted here in shock. Let me re-balance with some perspective.

    Marriage is foundational to the Church. Helping couples understand biblical precepts of marriage and even counseling through tough times is a part of the pastor’s job. I believe churches, pastors, and yes Christian authors and therefore publishers and bookstores, should offer resources for marriage, raising children, managing finances, etc.

    If a timid couple approached me and very discreetly asked about sex, I might actually suggest Mark and Grace Driscoll’s book. While they may share too much personal information for the prudish, intimate relations are important to sustaining a healthy marriage. I would certainly rather hand them a copy of Real Marriage than talk about my own sex life. In all seriousness, I don’t think a pastor should respond with “That’s not something we talk about” if he is asked.

    Writing a book or offering counseling on marriage, finances and child raising is not the same as live-streaming yourself in the bed. It’s a stunt; the views of this post in the last 24 hours prove that it is working. There’s an old saying that there is no such thing as bad publicity. As newspapers, blogs and even churches react, either positively or negatively, attention is drawn to the issue. The simple fact is you can’t buy that kind of advertising.

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