The Intersection of Gay Marriage and Tennis

I had never heard of Margaret Court until I read this story out of Australia.  Apparently the Australian Open is played at the Margaret Court Arena.  She is a professional tennis champion, holding 62 Grand Slam titles.  Court is also a pastor with an uncompromising view on gay marriage.  Because of her celebrity status in the world of tennis, her views on marriage and family have attracted what she feels is unwarranted criticism.  There could be protests at the Australian Open next week, and some are calling for the arena to be renamed.

Read the full story here, via Utterance.  Thank you Peter Hallett for the coverage.

The real shame would be if Court is denied the recognition she deserves from the professional world of tennis because of her convictions in her role as church pastor.  Her views on marriage are based on scriptural precepts and have not changed.  Only recently, however, have they become a thing of public scrutiny.  The same protesters waving rainbow flags and claiming people should be accepted the way they are seem to be refusing to accept Margaret Court for the way she is.  If her name is removed from the arena because of her views on marriage, which differs from some people, that almost smacks of prejudice.

3 thoughts on “The Intersection of Gay Marriage and Tennis

  1. “Her views on marriage are based on scriptural precepts and have not changed.”

    Clark, (as you know) we must be careful in today’s world not to appear pompous (scriptural views only), on ideas that are also moral (there are even atheist that abhor homosexuality), and nature (a square peg does not go into a round hole).

    That said; it seems the world overlooks the real debate, which is not diversity (allowing them to do their own thing), but that a time honored tradition has been compromised and is being transmuted into something totally different. I say let them have their “thing” just don’t destroy MY scared tradition in the name of diversity.

    Take Care, keep reporting.

  2. Being an Aussie, of course I know of and respect Margaret Court – a true champion and presently a pastor of a Church in WA. However, I have not heard of any controversy about her beliefs at the Australian Open which is in full swing now. I sincerely hope I don’t.

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