What is the Gospel?

The goal of the Master’s Table is to be God honoring and Christ centered.  The importance of living Christ-centered Christian lives is stressed on the About page, explaining Christ should be at the center of everything Christians do.  Perhaps you’ve heard me say (and by heard I mean read) that the Bible is about Jesus.  The Bible tells one story, of how a holy God relates to a sinful, broken and fallen people.  At the center of the that story is Jesus.

I talk a lot about the Gospel.  I attempt to preach the Gospel in every single sermon, regardless of where in the Bible the sermon begins or what the “topic” is.  I have endeavored to not only share the Gospel but also explain what it is, what the word means, and why it is important for Christians to keep hearing it.  Of all the things the church has to offer, the Gospel is what the world needs to hear.

I just visited The Resurgence .com for the very first time.  I clicked a link to a post titled What is the Gospel?  This is everything I’ve been stuttering through for years, laid out in an easy to read format.  It’s concise but complete.  This would make perhaps the best Gospel tract ever.  I’m going to share a sample below, but please follow the link and read the whole thing.

Christian theology is about the gospel, which is focused on who Jesus is and what he said and did. Jesus is the hero of history and the centerpiece of the entire Bible.

To be gospel-centered means to focus on Jesus, who he is and what he has done, not on who we are and what we have done or will do for God. The gospel is the good news about Jesus Christ (Mk 1:1) who came “to seek and save the lost” (Lk 19:10).

Turning from sin and trusting in the good news that Jesus saves sinners isn’t merely a one-time inaugural experience but instead the daily substance of Christianity. The gospel is for every one, every day, and every moment.

These are three excerpts, the entire thing is solid gold.  In the future, this is where I will send people if asked what the Gospel is.  Again, read the whole thing here on the Resurgence blog.

6 thoughts on “What is the Gospel?

  1. Thank you for your commitment to TRUTH..! Sadly, most of the Blood-bought Church has wondered away from it in our day. (No surprize as we were told it would be thus in the ‘latter days’. I am another of countless “proofs” that Jesus still changes lives today! Praise be to the Lamb of God… forever!

    Just getting started on WP… much to set in order yet. God bless!

  2. >> “Of all the things the church has to offer, the Gospel is what the world needs to hear”
    Amen to that! As one whose life was completely changed I have to agree that the Gospel should be part of every message and should be evident in the lives of all God’s children and be uttered from their mouths.

  3. This was great. Very well written, I would agree this is the best I have seen. Thank you so much for posting this Clark.
    Blessings to you and your family.


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