The Read and Share File

Let me begin Read and Share File #4 with a couple of site recommendations.  

I got a request a few months ago to write on the side for the Christian Post.  I’m busy enough doing my own stuff, and honestly did not feel well enough informed to offer a significant contribution.  I have been reading Christian Post on a regular basis, however, and find it an excellent source of current events relating to Christian culture.  You can always find them in the blog roll.

I begin each day listening to Our Daily Bread.  They are in the blog roll under “Useful Links” but I just wanted to say again how this short devotion, along with my first cup of coffee, help me get on the good foot.

Pope Benedict XVI, Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams

On Saturday (March 10) Pope Benedict and the Archbishop of Canterbury will meet together for prayer.  Some are looking for the two leaders to find common ground and possibly resolve tensions between Anglicans and the RCC.  Read the full story at the Christian Post.

Sexual Sin in the Ministry, written by Harry Schaumburg at Desiring God.  Less about pornography and sexual sins than about the real problem, dealing with the mind and heart.

The 9Marks blog has a post on The Beauty of Conversion.

And finally in the news of the bizarre category: Lithuania may build the suicide roller coaster.  Several European countries have legal euthanasia, but this ride is designed to give one last thrill… before it kills you.


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